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Lessons on Body Image You Should Learn Before Your 30s

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Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of the value of body positivity, but if you think that this trend doesn’t come with challenges, you might be surprised to find that it is riddled with it. There are some who still experience pressure with regards to their body image even though being positive about your look is the whole idea of this trend. Although it would be nice to be able to wake up one morning and be able to accept your overall appearance, some are still struggling with the concept.

But whether you are in your 20s, where plenty of bodily changes are bound to happen because of your work, and perhaps getting married and having kids, or if you are in your 30s, driven to excel and juggling work and personal life, there are a few body image lessons that you should take into heart. 

Enjoy treats in moderation

Avoiding treats like they bring disease may not be a good idea as it will cause you to slide back to gorging on these sweets when you can no longer take the deprivation. That being said, when it comes to body image, a lot of successful individuals recommend that you enjoy your treats but in moderation. You see, happy moments in your life may have some sweet treats, so why not enjoy these bits, but keep an eye on your consumption?

Care for yourself because of the right reasons

There are some people who push themselves to lose weight, tone their body, because of the body image that others deem ideal for men and women. But if this is what’s driving you, then you are setting yourself up for failure. You see, the opinion of others, in terms of body image, can change, and following what the crowd dictates is going to do you more harm than good. If you have decided to do something about your health, it should be because you are prioritizing yourself above all.

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Wear clothes that you’re comfortable in

What other lessons do you need to learn? Well, when it comes to your clothes, instead of following the latest trends that you are not exactly comfortable in, stick with outfits that you know you’ll be more confident in. If this means wearing loose clothing, t-shirts and jeans, then do so.

Beauty comes from within

There is a common misconception that beauty refers to your physical attributes. Well, here’s one lesson that you need to take by heart and that is beauty starts from within. A person who has a positive disposition, who smiles a lot and is a genuine person through and through can radiate beauty that transforms those around them. This is one body image that others sure need to learn.

Protect yourself

Nowadays, more and more women are coming out to speak against the violations they endured when they were young or even happening now. And it’s not just in Hollywood where this trend began, but worldwide. Women are finding their voice in today’s society, speaking up about the atrocities that were done to them. That being said, it is your every right to protect your body and it is up to you how you are going to protect yourself. You can start by speaking up against those who try to harass you or other women. One voice can spark a change.

Body image may be the focus of people nowadays, but rather than be swept up by the concept of others on what the ideal body image is, ask yourself this: are you happy with the image they are projecting or are you happy with the way you look?

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