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Goldenseal Root: An Old Natural Remedy But with Warning

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I believe the natural remedies are simply the best.  They are the most powerful and effective as well without all the unnecessary side effects.  The body of course accepts natural remedies better, it gives a cleaner effect than all these prescriptions and over synthesized pills.  I think the best medicine is a quality lifestyle where one does not abuse processed food and junk food and gets plenty of different kinds of vegetables both raw and cooked.

Most sicknesses come from bad human habit, we can prevent most of our illnesses even the big ones like cancer.  Cancer, heart problems, nerve, muscle, bone, eye and brain issues can be prevented and cured.  Prescription pills are the worst and cause more illness in other areas and does not stop the very root of the problem.  Many people get sick and do not really know why or do not bother to educate themselves on nutrition, exercise and the importance of keeping negative stress levels down.  It all starts with what you put in your mouth and if you use those calories.

Now that the intro praising natural medicine is done let us move on to what this goldenseal root is all about.  Now, sources straight from mother nature may be the best but she can sting.  This rhizome is native to North America and have been used for years and years by the natives as an all around medicine.  There are controversies around this rhizome, that it was stated by the American Cancer Society that this plant has no proven medical effects in improving infections, colds, coughs, headaches, lover problems, menstrual issues and many more.  I think that is bollocks though because the furry rhizome does have proven medical effects and other institutions confirmed so.

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Some institutes just want more money with the drugs they distribute.  But let us debunk this controversial root and rhizome.  I believe they should tell it how it is, both good and bad. And goldenseal root has both qualities, but mostly good if you do not have way too much of it.  Let us start with the good:

It is microbial and has been used topically for any skin infection or breakage.  It is an anti-inflammatory and is good for a rusty respiratory system or even just a cold.  This root system is also sold as tincture, salve, brewed tea and powdered and placed inside capsules.  It encourages more digestive enzymes, brings down bad fevers, hemorrhoids, canker sores, regulates the menstrual cycle and increases blood flow to the uterus and prevents postpartum hemorrhage.  But be warned it can induce labor.  It helps close wounds, is anti-diabetic and stimulates the muscles.

And now the cons: you cannot use this as medicine often, and only for up to a week at a time.  Its effects will not be as effective and lower your body’s ability to absorb B vitamins.  Ooh, that is a pretty big deal.  They can also block certain proteins, boo.  Also it contains berberine a natural chemical used for medical reasons but many doctors go against it because 25-30mg of it can turn into a dark face and be lethal for humans.  This root should never be given to children, which is another no-no.

Overdose can lead to vomiting and cramping, it can happen too with only a bit of the root bit is rare.  Just do not overdo the root, check if you are allergic, just start with small amounts.

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The conclusion?  It is less confusing and less risky to just go for the many other options of superfoods.   There are tons of other multi-purpose medicines such as ginger, galangal, coconuts and coconut oil, chia seeds, moringa, soursop, guava leaves, avocados, brussel sprouts, acai berry, apples and pears, kale, bok choy, many leafy greens, raw papaya, raw mangoes, lean and even some semi-fatty proteins, red or brown or black rice, steel-cut oats, soybeans, salmon.

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