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Summer Hair Tips for Your Curly Hair

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Summer is in the air, and with it, the desire to let our hair down and just enjoy the warm temperature by the waters with your family and friends. This can be something simple as spending some time in your roof top, driving to the beach, or hitting the pool. Whatever summer adventure you have in mind, there is one thing that you should remember and that is to protect your hair all the time.

Damaged hair strands are quite common during the summer what with the harsh sun beating down on your head, the presence of chlorine in pools, and lack of humidity too. Exposing your curly hair in these conditions can leave them dry and frizzy. That said, what can you do to protect your lovely curls?

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Keep your head covered

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to protect your curly mane during the summer is to wear a hat when you are out and about. Not only does it protect your hair and scalp, but it can also keep the skin on your face safe from the UV rays that can damage it. Look for wide brimmed hats because they can give ample shade to your face too.

Prepare your spray bottle

With the heat of the sun causing moisture to disappear from your hair and scalp, you should take matters into your own hands and bring your own bottle of moisture. There are several DIY hair moisturizers that you can prepare and put in your bottle so that you’ll simply spray your locks as needed.

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Don’t forget your leave-in conditioner

For those who often spend their summer in the beach, you should bring your leave-in conditioner with you at all times so you can apply it on your hair before taking a swim. Conditioning your hair helps trap the moisture more while keeping the UV rays out. The more your hair retains moisture, the better it will look. Choose a leave-in conditioner that is cream based since it comes with repairing properties that will help improve your hair’s condition.


Another tip to keeping your curly hair looking great during the summer is to try co-washing. Not only does this hair care routine deliver moisture back to your hair, it can also help remove sweat, dirt, and excess oil from your scalp as well as your hair. You’ll see a huge improvement on the condition of your curls afterwards for sure.

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Get more water

Exposing your hair to more water may sound odd especially when you are trying to reduce the damage to them during the summer, but it certainly helps in protecting your mane especially when you are going to take a dip into the pool. Having curly hair means that your strands are quite porous and prone to absorbing chemicals that can cause damage, but this can be solved easily by saturating your hair with moisture. To do this, wash your hair in clean water before swimming in the pool. A better option is to go swimming in an outdoor pool since the sun can eliminate the chemicals that may be lingering in the pool.

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Deep condition each week

What else can you do to protect your curly hair during the summer? Deep conditioning your hair strands can help infuse more moisture into your mane to help repair the damage to them. With more moisture in them, your hair strands will be more resilient too.

Taking of your curly hair this summer is possible especially when you follow these tips. For sure, you’ll love summer even more when your curly hair looks amazing.

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