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Teas That Help Relieve Cramps

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Are you a woman and who tend to experience cramps during your period? Then don’t stop reading now — this article will tell you which teas you should have in order to keep those annoying and painful cramps at bay.

Cramps that show up a lot during your period can be blamed primarily on hormonal imbalance as it’s something that can cause the muscles of your uterus to contract unnecessarily and uncontrollably. Making matters worse is the fact that hormonal imbalance can also leave you more sensitive to pain.

You can always take your favorite OTC painkillers. Or you may brew and sip a cup of tea in order for you to attain much-needed relief without the nasty side effects and serious health risks associated with pharmaceutical remedies.

If you are fond of healthy teas but not cramps, below you will come across some of the teas that you may count on as they are scientifically-proven to help relieve or fend off cramps. Got lots of female relatives and friends who are also usually being bugged by cramps during their period? Then make sure that you repost this article later on so that they, too, may know that they may obtain relief from having:

Chamomile Tea

Everyone who is into all-natural remedies knows for a fact that chamomile tea is very good for dealing with insomnia. That’s because it has the ability to relax the mind and body. So in other words, chamomile tea is a sedative that comes straight from nature.

It’s for this reason exactly why you may reach for a cup of chamomile tea each time you are being bugged by cramps as a result of having your period. If those cramps are keeping you from taking a trip to dreamland, consider having a cup of freshly-brewed chamomile tea just before you hop into bed.

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Ginger Tea

There is no denying that ginger tea is a phenomenal home remedy for heartburn and stomachache brought about by indigestion or acid reflux. It’s also a very popular solution for many other common issues like nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, motion sickness and diarrhea.

Did you know that ginger tea is also a fantastic all-natural solution for cramps associated with your period? Based on scientific investigations, having up to 3 cups of ginger tea per day can help considerably reduce painful cramps. And by the way, ginger tea is also a remedy for heavy bleeding, experts confirm.

Fennel Tea

You can brew yourself a cup of fennel tea either by placing a teaspoon of crushed fennel seeds or a fennel tea bag available at herbal stores in a cup of boiling water. Either way, the herbal drink is something that can definitely help you attain relief from those annoying cramps during your period.

Actually, fennel is an herb that’s being used by traditional healers for centuries now for relieving menstrual cramps, and that’s why having it in tea form can be extremely beneficial for you. A cup of fennel tea is also good for dealing with bloating, excess gas and other digestive issues that you may encounter, too.

Green Tea

Worry not if you cannot get your hands on any of the teas mentioned above. That’s because there is an alternative to all of them that’s really easy to find, and that’s none other than green tea. It’s available practically everywhere —it may in fact be in your kitchen or pantry right this very instant.

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Taking green tea can help because it can deal with inflammation, plus it can help calm your mind — feeling anxious and stressed can definitely intensify those painful cramps of yours. Green tea is also good for relieving other period-related issues, most especially bloating due to water retention.

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