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Losing Weight When You Have PCOS

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PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, affects about 20 percent of women who are in their pre-menopausal stage. Although there is no known cause as to why this hormonal problem occurs, but it appears that the presence of too much androgens or male hormones play a huge role in this health issue. One of the symptoms that is associated with this hormonal problem is weight gain and although it is difficult to shed the weight you have gain, there are steps that you can follow to reduce the amount of calories you are consuming. Here are some to get you started.

  • Skip binge eating. In any weight loss diet you will find that junk foods and binge eating are nowhere to be found. This is because snacks like chips and tasty treats are filled with empty calories that can’t fill your belly up. What’s more, eating foods that are high in salt and sugar can trigger your body to retain more fats hence the weight gain. Binge eating and snacking on junk foods can increase your resistance to insulin causing you to gain weight.
  • Do mindfulness exercise. Mindfulness exercise is a type of meditation where in you will train your mind to be in the present or in the now. Our minds tend to wander when we are eating especially when we’re talking with family which is why we eat more than is necessary. If we focus our attention to the food on hand, we’ll be able to stop as soon as our stomachs feel full.
  • Start exercising. If you want to lose weight, you need to start working out. There is simply no excuse for you to not exercise because you can break down your fitness routine into ten-minute workouts especially when you have a busy schedule. There are several exercises that you can do from strength training to resistance training to bodyweight workouts. Training your muscles can help you burn calories and in the process, lose weight.
  • Portion eating. Portion eating is a must if you want to lose weight. You’re probably not paying attention to the amount of food that you eat every time you sit down for a meal hence you gain weight. Portion eating means regulating the amount of food on your plate to avoid overeating. Although you don’t have to follow it all the time, if you are trying to shed some pounds, this can help you achieve your desired results.
  • Drink plenty of water. Another possible solution to lose weight when you have PCOS is to drink lots of water. Water can help fill you up while flushing out any toxins that may be lingering in your body. What’s more, water can keep you hydrated so your skin will feel smooth and supple.
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Losing weight when you have PCOS shouldn’t be that difficult to achieve because making these changes in your daily diet and routine can yield some amazing results. You’ll be surprised on how easier it is to maintain a healthier weight this way.

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