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Having Irregular Periods? Here’s Why.

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Most of us are not given the proper education about our periods. We grow up thinking that irregular periods, weird vaginal smells and so on are something to worry about. The thought that our menstrual cycle should be in an exact 28 day cycle. So, the day that we miss a day or two can cause us to panic and at times cause pregnancy scares even though you know that it is quite impossible. Though, it’s important to remember that irregular periods can be a normal occurrence. However, if you have consistently irregular periods that can often lead to severe PMS-ing and stress about fertility than it is time to get yourself checked.

So, does having an irregular period indicate that your ovaries aren’t working the way it should? Will this affect your fertility in the future? Will this prevent you from having a
baby later on in life? Maybe or maybe not. About 30% percent of women varying in age, experience abnormal menstruation. Irregular periods usually means a menstrual cycle that varied in duration from month to month. At times this can indicate a serious health problem, but this can also be a byproduct of an unhealthy lifestyle, age, stress and so on. We are going to discuss some of the top causes of irregular periods below.


This may seem funny because it’s obvious and a lot of people first thoughts for an irregular period is Oh God I’m Pregnant. Though, it’s best to rule this one out in case you are actually pregnant. Pregnancy is one of the most common causes of period irregularity. A great thing about pregnancy is the symptoms come early. Once you missed your period and you remember an unfortunate no protection encounter, then grab the nearest pregnancy test. If the results end up negative, then there are other causes to your
irregular period.

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Stopped Taking the Pill

Taking yourself on or off the pill can affect your menstrual cycle. Doctors prescribe birth control pills for women that suffer from irregular periods to help regulate their menstruation. Suddenly stopping taking them can cause your body to restart for about six months until its normal bodily function return. Hence the cause of irregular periods. Once you stop taking the pill, do expect changes in your menstrual cycle and most importantly, don’t panic; your body just needs time to cope with the change and things will go back to normal. If it’s been more than 8 months, then go to your doctor and get proper consultation.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS are often caused by a low grade inflammation, excess insulin and genetics. If you’ve been suffering from period irregularity for a long time, then doctors will advise you to get checked for PCOS. This is a fairly common endocrine disorder that canaffect most women. Though, the name can bring fear to your heart. There are treatments for this disorder. From taking birth control pills to taking diabetes medication to control insulin. A few underlying symptom of this disorder is infertility, excessive hair growth and acne. If you’ve been suffering for a while now and no form of
lifestyle change and pills is working, then get yourself diagnosed to prevent infertility problems in the future. You will be required to have vaginal ultrasounds and blood test.


No, your teenage daughter or neighbor is not causing your irregular periods. But, they can also be suffering from irregular periods due to their age. Our body takes a while to
fully mature and grow. During adolescences, the body is still trying its best to sync itself to a regular cycle. You’ll notice that when you were younger that your first period wasn’t followed by an exact 28 day count menstruation the next month. So, if you are about 21 and under; then your age and body cycle can still be affecting your menstruation. Though if you feel excessive pain during your period, go to your doctor.

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So, how can you tell that you really need to worry about your irregular period? The obvious answer is when you get them consistently is to get a professional opinion from your doctor or gynecologist. When your body start to react or to change unexpectedly then you are the first person that knows it, and should be the first person to do anything about it. Some of the other serious signs that you need to take note on is bleeding for more than seven days, unbearable pain during your period and bleeding more heavily than usual.

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