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Proper Ways to Care of Your Under Arms

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Underarms are the part of our body that we take a lot of time and effort to groom and take care of that is often hidden away. Usually the only time that our armpits get some sunlight is during summer time where tank tops and sun dresses are weather appropriate.

Armpits are usually tucked away under our clothes for a long period of time and is only given 110% percent of our attention when we plan to wear something sleeveless. Wearing deodorant every day isn’t really enough to take care of your underarms. Like your face, it need special TLC every day to prevent from darkening and irritation, especially since this area experiences sweating, abrasion and hair growth. If you really want to get smooth and moisturized underarms then look at this underarm care tips below.

Ideal Hair Removal Method

Shaving, hair removal creams and plucking are not ideal when it comes to hair removal in the underarm area. Most depilation methods such as shaving and hair removal creams only remove hair that is on the surface of the skin. Causing hair growth more frequently and results to excessive shaving or cream removal. As a result the skin darkens, experience chicken skin and ingrown hair. When this occurs, it often takes a long while for the skin to go back to its natural state and the ideal way for this is to leave the hair as is. No shaving or plucking and no deodorants. This can further darken the skin. Plucking on
the other hand can remove hair from the root and can prolong hair growth. Though, this is not the most ideal hair removal method for the underarm. Not only is the underarm a wide area where it can take a lot of time to pluck, it is also sensitive to loose skin. Excessively pulling of the hair can also pull on the skin and in the long run cause sagging armpits. Plucking is acceptable for individual hair growths, but removing them all with this method will only cause you a sore arm andan inflamed underarm. Stick to waxing to remove hair. This can remove a large section of hair with one motion and can often help
lighten the underarm. Another great method is to take underarm laser treatment.

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Deodorants and Antiperspirant

Antiperspirant has been deemed as unhealthy for the body since it prevents sweat from excreting from the body, but for people that suffer from excessive sweating this is necessary. Though, it has been advised to limit the use of these products, especially when you don’t really plan on going out. These products contain strong chemicals that can actually darken the underarm when used for a long period. Other deodorant tips are; to completely dry out the underarm before applying to the skin to help it adhere to the skin and not be sweated off and using it the night before. Deodorants are ideally used
during the night for the morning use. The products help reduce the pores overnight and prevent excessive sweating, though due to the practice of showering in the morning this is often forgotten.

Don’t Get Let the Itch Get to You

This is a common problem for people that shave. The constant need to scratch the armpit due to the hair growth poking into your skin. This is not ideal for any parts of your body, excessive scratching and abrasion can lead to skin darkening. Especially in the underarm area where the skin is sensitive. This can open you up to a lot of skin irritation and aggravate ingrown hair. You can lessen the itch by showering under warm water and exfoliating the underarm. This will help the hair growthand prevent it from
sticking through the skin causing the unbearable itch.


If you really struggle with serious underarm problems such as frequent irritation, excessive sweating and body odor. It’s ideal to go to a dermatologist as soon as possible. Beauty clinics can only do so much, they are not able to give you diagnosis and medication to help with your problems. Consolations can be expensive, so before going to a dermatologist prepare all your skin related questions.

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We want our armpits to look commercial ready. Smooth, fair, hairless and pore-less. Though, what TV commercials, forget to tell consumers that buying their products
won’t really give you Photo shopped underarms. Yes, it can whiten them or smoothen them, but they can’t make it perfect. These tips will help you take care of them better and prevent them from getting darker or irritated. Though, don’t expect it to look perfect; but we assure you these tips can surely improve your underarms skin’s health in the long run making it look as glamorous as you.

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