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Home Remedies that can Make Your Teeth Whiter

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In today’s market, teeth whitening and products that can reduce teeth staining have become such a popular phenomenon. You have to admit that almost, if not always, a whiter set of teeth makes your smile even brighter. In fact, that’s the very first thing people notice on a person in terms of appearance.  A killer smile adds a certain “oomph” to a person’s individuality. Therefore, it’s really a no-brainer that many people would love to own products that can whiten their teeth to look better, fresher, and younger and to have more confidence in their own selves. And that’s mainly the reason why millions of people search high and low to look for that perfect whitening system that will make their teeth look brighter and bring back their gorgeous smiles.

Why Use Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening?

It’s a fact that cosmetic dentistry costs heaps. Teeth whitening done with professional supervision certainly costs more. So those who can’t spare the time and money to go the dentist for a quick teeth whitening fix can opt to use some well known home remedies that can help do the trick. It’s like pushing through with the same goal, at a relatively affordable price.

Examples of Home Remedies That Can Promote Whiter Teeth

These are several teeth whitening at-home methods you can try. Please do note that results may vary depending on the degree of teeth discoloration you may already have.

  1. Brushing your teeth with Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate). It is actually one of the most common homemade whitening agents thanks to its mild bleaching action.
  1. Consider rubbing the bark of a walnut tree on your teeth. This will help in getting the stains off your pearly whites.
  1. Strawberries can also do the trick. Crush some and paste it all over your teeth.
  1. Don’t let orange peels go to waste—yet. Rub its insides on your teeth for an instant whitening effect.
  1. Brushing your teeth with apple cider vinegar each night can also help in lightening your teeth. Over time, you will notice some difference.
  1. Be wary of toothpastes that contain fluoride. Please remember that too much fluoride can cause discoloration.
  1. Hard wood ash also contains a known ingredient that can whiten teeth, and that is potassium hydroxide. Brush your pearlies with this and you’ll definitely see an improvement in terms of color in a few weeks of continuous usage.
  1. Who would have known that celery is a natural teeth whitener? It helps clean out plaque in the teeth and recommended use is twice per week for that healthy looking teeth.
  1. Other home ingredients that you may try would be a mixture of turmeric powder, mustard oil and sea salt. Rub this paste daily into your teeth and get whiter teeth in weeks.
  1. Teeth discoloration is also brought upon by smoking (nicotine discolours teeth), and by ingesting coffee, tea and soda. It will be best if you can skip on smoking altogether, to save your teeth and your health in totality. Also lessen the intake of foods that can discolor your teeth.
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A whiter set of teeth helps an individual gain some confidence; confidence to face people and smile. Just take in mind that whitening your teeth using home remedies is not a quick fix solution. It may take a bit longer before you see some noticeable improvements. These methods of teeth whitening work; you just have to find which one best suits you, be diligent in your teeth whitening routine and exercise a lot of patience.


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