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Simple Life Hacks to Grow Mentally Strong

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Mentally strong individuals know that only things in life that people have control over are those concerning feelings, behaviours and thoughts.  Anything else aside those things cannot simply be manipulated and is out of their control. Ergo, mentally-strong people focus instead on learning how to improve their behavioural, feeling and thought processes. Doing this enables them to be much more successful in their chosen paths and life in general.

So if you’re curious as to how you can train yourself to be mentally strong, then consider doing the following:

  1. Show your intent.

The more you know, the more power you have. This means knowing the truth about what you feel and what you’re thinking.  One way to understanding yourself is to keep a journal. Some will find this method a bit traditional, but this is an effective way to really reflect on your actions and can help severely towards your goal of self discovery.  The more you understand yourself, the better it is you’ll have control over your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviour.

2. Know about your emotional self.

A lot of people perceive themselves as rational thinkers.  However in reality, it seemed that the rational part of most people’s brains is riding on top of a layer of emotions.  One’s emotional self is one of the most difficult yet very important parts to explore because this tends to shape one’s behaviours and thoughts in ways that few people realize. For example, some people through close self exploration, realize that their anxieties are being triggered often by something so minute—like say, people not responding to emails of text messages fast enough and the sender’s mind starts to wander, thinking of things that could have possibly gone wrong, thereby creating an unnecessary drama or stress in their day.  So if people could learn about certain unhealthy patterns in their emotions, they can start noticing and taking control of it, instead of letting those minute details ruin an otherwise perfect day.

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3. Practice self-empathy, self love and self care

People who are mentally strong make sure that their own needs are taken care of.  They practice self empathy, self love and self care, though not obsessively.  They take time to listen to their own emotions and make sure that those emotions are validated because people cannot care for others if they can’t care for themselves.

4. Be real.

Mentally strong individuals are not afraid to let other people see the real them. They’re okay with letting others know their goals, challenges as well as their needs. No man can tread in life alone and that is something that mentally strong people know, that no matter how great one may be as an individual, there will always be a time that they’ll need the support of others. Plus it’s so much better to know that you have people who you can trust and go to especially when the going gets rough.

5. Chase the life you want and live it.

For you to grow stronger mentally, you need to be able to own your life. Be confident that you’re the one who knows what’s best for you. You can get perspectives from other people, but ultimately you’re the one solely responsible for your happiness and your choices.

6. Decide to grow mentally stronger and actually commit to it.

Probably one of the most important things to note is the matter of commitment. People who want to grow strong mentally really dedicate their lives to that certain goal. Again, the hardest thing is always taking the first step, but once you’re past that, stay with it and everything else will follow suit.

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