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Makeup Tricks for Every Day Makeup

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Make up isn’t as easy as it looks, it actually takes a lot to make your makeup look the way you want it to. You need to get some knowledge about makeup before you start painting your face. There are makeup tricks that can help beginners create a makeup to look like a pro.

One of the hardest makeup to do is every day makeup. Yes, believe it or not, creating a Smokey eye is a lot easier than creating your everyday makeup.

Everyday makeup should make your skin look flawless, but still make you look natural. There is a difference between the no makeup look and the everyday makeup. We need to have a certain makeup look we can use for going to work and just doing errands. This makeup should appear professional and clean. Yet, be able to accentuate your features without applying too much. See the dilemma here? Thankfully, beauty experts have helped us to fix this beauty woe with this amazing makeup tricks.

Base Application

Makeup Tricks for Every Day MakeupOne of the hardest parts of the everyday makeup application is creating a smooth perfect base. Applying a good foundation is important to make a good everyday makeup. You can either have a base that doesn’t cover enough blemishes and dark spots or have a base that is too thick that it appear unnatural and cakey. You can prevent having that bumpy and uneven appearance by applying moisturizer and primer before you apply foundation. Let the primer dry and take the tip of your brush, dip it in the foundation. Place small dots of foundation all over the face. Spread the foundation using your foundation brush or sponge. Doing this will help spread the foundation better and prevent the makeup from looking too unnatural. Don’t worry about hiding the blemishes, apply your makeup like you regularly would. Apply concealer after applying the overall makeup and finish with translucent powder. Take a tissue or clean sponge and swipe some of the foundation from the cheek area. This will help give the blush a better base and making it appear natural.

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Keeping It Simple

You don’t need much to create your everyday makeup look. Too much makeup in the morning and afternoon can appear unprofessional and messy. Stick to simple and clean looks. Neutral colors, one accent makeup and the basics. Brows, cheeks, eyes and lips.


Makeup Tricks for Every Day MakeupHaving a long and luscious lashes are enough to make your face stand out. Investing in a good mascara can do magic to your everyday look. Long and thick lashes can add emphasize on the eyes, you can skip the eyeliner and eyeshadow with good lashes. Be careful with your mascara though, most eye makeup expires within two months. Trash your mascara within the second month to avoid getting an eye infection. Another great way to get natural good looking lashes is to apply one or two layers of false eyelashes.


Another way to add drama to the eyes without adding too much is to apply eyeliner on the water line around the eyes. This will make the eyes look sultry. Smudge the eyeliner to make it appear more like a shadow.


Makeup Tricks for Every Day MakeupThe beauty in lipstick is that it can change your whole appearance with just a change in color. Soft and light makeup can make you look romantic and soft. Nude lipstick can help accentuate the other areas of the face. Dark and bright lipstick can make you look powerful and strong. You can choose whatever lipstick color you want. Just use it appropriately.

Multipurpose Makeup

Master one multi-purpose makeup in your arsenal. Makeups that can be used for different looks can be helpful, extremely helpful, especially for people that are on the go. It is more portable and easier to use than different items.

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You can remove the puffiness in your face by washing it with ice cold water in the morning. Makeup can’t remove the appearance of puffiness. So, removing it before applying makeup is important. Before applying your makeup, rub an ice cube around your under eye for about 5 to 10 minutes. You can also dunk your head in ice cold water a few times before washing your face. This will improve the circulation and lessen the puffiness in your cheeks and eyes

Follow this amazing and easy everyday makeup tricks! Soon you’ll be applying makeup like you’ve just stepped out of a salon. Don’t forget to pay attention to your hair too. Your makeup game may be on point, but your hair messy and unkempt is a big no! If you don’t really have time to fix the tresses go for a reliable ponytail or a high bun.


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