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Nail Art Hacks For the Perfect Manicure

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Having your nails done every week can cause you a lot of money. Cleaning and maintaining the nails are important, but you don’t really need to spend a lot of money on them. Manicure and pedicures can be performed twice a month. If you go to the nail salon because you like to add art and style to your nails, then this list is for you. No need to visit the nail salon to create beautiful nail art.

We are here to help you get those amazing nail designs without using too much effort. This nail art hacks makes nail art so easy! You can create amazing designs for yourself and your friends. Read on below some of the top nail art hacks you can start doing right now!

Marble Nail Art

Nail Art Hacks For the Perfect ManicureYou can create a quick and easy marble effect in your nails by using a bowl of water, nail polish, toothpick and petroleum jelly. Take a bowl and fill it with water halfway. Pick some nail polish colors and take a few drops and place them in the water. Repeat this with all your nail polish choices. When you have placed all your colors take your toothpick and manipulate it your designed marble design. When you get your ideal pattern rub petroleum jelly around the finger away from the nail, secure the skin around the nail with petroleum. Dip your nail palms up in the marble design and leave it for 3 seconds. Raise your finger and wait for a minute and wipe the excess nail polish from your skin. This nail hack trick can be messy, but the end result is worth it. Repeat these steps in all of your fingernails.

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Scotch Tape

Nail Art Hacks For the Perfect ManicureScotch tape is your nail art best friend you can easily create lines and patterns with it. Place your base nail polish and wait for it to dry. Cut out a few pieces of scotch tape and cut it to your desired shape. Blot it out on your skin before placing it on your nail. This will help prevent the adhesive from tearing away your base nail polish. After placing the scotch tape, apply the layer over the tape and wait for it to dry. Once it’s dry, remove the tape and coat with clear nail polish. You can get zigzags, stripes, diagonal, and triangle shapes using scotch tape. Use your creativity and go wild!


Like scotch tape you can use lace to create patterns in your nail. Apply your base nail polish and wait for it to dry. Apply petroleum around the nail and place the lace on top of your nail and apply a thin layer over the lace. Slowly remove the fabric and allow it to dry. This will embed the design of the lace on your nail. This is a great way to create a snake skin, nail art design.

Matte Nail Polish

You can create an easy matte nail polish by applying your initial design and let it dry. Take a little corn starch powder and mix it in your clear nail polish. The corn starch will remove the shine from your polish and create a matte finish. Apply this on top of your nail design and wait for it to dry.

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You can easily create your own design by drawing on your nails! Apply a good base nail polish and wait for it to dry completely. Pick your choice of pen shape and color. Draw or write whatever your heart desire. Wait for it to dry and apply a good layer of clear nail polish as this will prevent the ink from smudging. You can use the pen to write your name, create small shapes and use different colors to create bright and bold designs.

Striped Effect

You can find your fan brush in your nail art brush kit. It’s the brush that is triangular in shape. First, apply your base coat and allow it to dry. Slightly damp your brush and separate the bristles. Place your nail polish on a piece of paper and dip your fan brush. Apply it on the nail, this will create tiny stripes, you can leave it as is or add another color to create a more dramatic effect. Clean the fan brush before dipping in a new color.

Try out these amazing nail art hacks! You can mix and match these easy nail hacks to create your own design. Make sure to use clean and sanitize products when painting and cleaning your nails. You can make a small party at home and paint each other’s nails. Teach them these easy tips and ask them to share some of theirs.

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