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Top Prevention and Treatment Measures for Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are caused by a myriad of factors such as weight gain, weight loss, and pregnancy in women. Basically, stretch marks occur in situations when people experience rapid change in body size. Whether it is a decrease or increase in weight, majority of people encounter stretch marks.

Stretch mark is the result of scar formation in the dermal layer of the skin. It commonly starts with the appearance of reddish or purplish discoloration that eventually becomes glossy in appearance with silver or white streaks. It is undeniably embarrassing to feature stretch marks, especially in regions where it is visible from public view. The most common areas where stretch marks form are in the abdomen, thighs, hips, arm, lower back area, and breast regions. The severity of stretch marks largely depends on an individual’s skin pigmentation. Those with lighter skin are known to be more prone to stretch mark development, while those with darker skin have less visible stretch marks.

When left untreated, stretch marks eventually form into scars; most of which cannot be eliminated with simple dermatologic regimen. With this in mind, it is better to prevent the development of stretch marks as it leads to permanent and visible scars. Here are some simple and helpful guidelines on how you can prevent and treat those nasty stretch marks:

  • One effective preventive measure in keeping stretch marks to a minimum or even eliminate its appearance is to be cautious during pregnancy. Keeping oneself hydrated at all times will enhance the skin’s elasticity, thus eliminating the chances for stretch marks to appear in the first place. It’s also recommended to apply moisturizing lotion to the skin in areas where expansion is to be expected, such as n the abdominal and breast regions. Saturating your skin in moisture will make you less prone for stretch mark development. This guideline applies to non-pregnant individuals too.
  • Eating healthy is yet another effective measure for stretch mark prevention. Since this skin problem most commonly appears in people who have lost or gain a substantial amount of weight, it is then sensible to create a healthy eating plan to facilitate weight loss or in order for you to maintain a healthy weight in the first place. It is also ideal to add nutrients
    that are crucial for skin care and maintenance such as Vitamins A, E, and C.
  • It is totally unnecessary to undergo microdermabrasion, skin peeling, or other dermatological procedure to get rid of stretch marks. Not only are they expensive, but they may also make your skin more sensitive, thus resulting in more skin problems in the future. All you need to do is apply formulated stretch mark creams on affected areas. It may take a while for you to actually see the results from its uses, but when combined with a healthy diet and hydration, stretch marks will be far from your worries. Another good rule is to never scratch healing stretch marks as this may lead to scar formation.
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