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A List of Makeup and Fashion Boo-boos that Add Years to Your Looks

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Is your fashion style giving away your real age? Or worse, it making you older than you really are? Clothing, make-up, hair and accessories—these are the primary things that compose your personal style. Your choices of such can highlight your best assets and can keep you looking fresh and vibrant. But
sometimes, the fashion decisions you make can backfire: a dress that’s too ill-fitting—it either sags or bulges at all the wrong places, a make-up shade that accentuates your facial lines and wrinkles rather than hide them, and sometimes, a hairstyle that doesn’t suit the shape of your face.

A lot of women don’t always update their fashion styles as they grow older. But the thing is they really should, otherwise, the very same products that have worked so well for them before, may no longer work now and could suddenly give away their real age. So if you don’t want this to happen to you, then read about some of the most common fashion and beauty blunders and the most worthy anti-aging advice on how you can fix them.

1. Dressing too trendy.

Not unless you have a lot of cash to spare, stay clear of fashions that seem to be very “in the moment” involving trends that you think will never last long. The problem with purchasing items like these is that you won’t be able to wear them for too long without
the risk of looking too out-dated or behind the times. So rather than buy pieces that may look passé by next season, invest instead on classic fashion pieces that can stand the test of time, so to speak. But that does not mean that you can’t incorporate
a few edgier styles into your wardrobe. Look for trends that are proven lasting such as leather, plaid, dark florals, pencil skirts, blazers and tailor pants.

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2. Being nostalgic about clothes

Don’t hang on to clothes that don’t fit you anymore simply because they have way too much sentimental value. If those pieces somehow got big or too tight, consider having them altered until it fits you right again if you can’t stand the thought of parting with it.

3. Wearing your hair too long

When women age, they begin to lose fats in their faces, and when this starts to happen, really long and straight hair can make them look even more drawn and haggard. Prevent this from happening by choosing a haircut that involves face-framing layers and a whole lot of body. This move can also help in
making your face appear rounder and younger-looking.

4. Using heavy black eyeliner.

Dark, smoky eyes can sometimes be tricky to pull off and they tend to look less flattering on most women as they age. Eyelashes tend to thin out as women get older, and because of this, a lot of women try to compensate by putting on lots of black eye makeup which is not helping their cause. What it does is to just draw attention to the fine lines underneath the eyes. So instead of using black eyeliner, choose a line that’s either in grey or brown. Skip the liquid eyeliners too as they can be too heavy-looking; opt for a soft, easy to glide eyeliner pencil.

5. Getting a tan.

Spending too much time under the sun can provide you with an instant glow, however in reality, it’s also one of the surest ways to fast track your skin’s aging process. The harmful ultraviolet rays can create damage at the cellular level by breaking down collagen fibers that help the skin remain smooth and supple. It can cause you to have age and dark spots. To counter the effects of the sun, make sure that you lather on sunscreen before exposure. Do this every day, even when the sun is not out.

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6. Wearing dark lipstick

A nice pout can even be made more defined when highlighted by a lipstick color that suits your skin’s shade. However, something too intense-colored or too dark can’t be good, as it can only draw attention to your laugh lines. A lot of women are engrossed at the idea of using heavy lipstick, but really, sometimes, using gloss is a better way to a achieving a fresher, more youthful appearance.

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