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Revive Sun Damaged Hair with These Tips

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When the summer season finally arrives, most people will be flocking to the beaches, and resorts, to cool themselves down in the water. Also, many will be wanting to get tanned for that bronze glow. Although there is nothing wrong with enjoying ourselves during the hot summer months, you need to keep in mind that it’s not just your skin that will be exposed to the rays of the sun, but your hair too.

Most of us often forget the state of our hair when we go to the beach, which is why we end up with sun-damaged mane. Is there any way for you to revive your hair then? The good news is that there are several ways in which you can repair your hair and these are:

Trim your hair

Our hair tends to grow at a faster rate during the summer, but if your mane looks scraggly or straw-like, giving it a trim is in order. Letting your hair grow at this state can leave your hair strands prone to breakage which can damage the rest of your hair. By trimming the edges, you can save your hair from further summer issues.

Bring back moisture

Your hair will not be able to repair itself if it is lacking moisture. fortunately, you can revive your hair with the use of deep conditioning masks that will penetrate your hair and scalp. These hair masks need to be left on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing, so that the nutrients will be able to go deep into your hair shaft.

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Avoid heat styling

We all love to style our hair as much as we can, but the intense heat coming from the styling tools that we are using, plus constant exposure to the harsh rays of the sun, it’s no wonder our hair looks dry and brittle afterwards! That said, if you are trying to repair the damage to your hair due to the sun, it is best that you avoid using styling tools for now. Constantly bombarding your hair strands with heat can leave them dry and brittle, and prone to split ends. In the event that you will need to use your styling tools, make sure that you apply a heat protectant on your hair to minimize the damage.

Go for gloss

Dyeing our hair does make us feel more confident, but the combination of sun, chlorine, and salt, can make our hair appear brassy. If you wish to bring back the beauty of your hair color, you should book an appointment with your hair stylist for a glaze or gloss treatment. These treatments are less costly, plus they will help bring back the tone of your original hair’s color while adding shine.

Switch to a silk pillowcase

You don’t want to make your hair more brittle with the constant friction on your pillowcase which is why it is high time that you consider using silk or satin pillowcases. The smooth texture of the fabric prevents friction from building up which helps to reduce frizzy hair.

Now where to place treatments

A lot of women complain that their hair feels weighted down after putting hair treatments. Well, the trick here is to simply concentrate on areas of your hair that are actually damaged instead of doing the whole hair and scalp. If the edges of your hair needs some attention then leave the crown of your head alone. This way, the product won’t cause clogged pores on your scalp. Your hair will look better too afterwards.

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