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Frustrated That Your Nails are Growing Slowly? Try These Home Remedies for It

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Generally speaking, your nails grow a tenth of an inch every single month. While that’s an acceptably decent nail growth rate, there are instances in which you just wish that they grow just a little bit faster.

Take for example if you accidentally clipped or filed your fingernails too short — definitely, you would want your nails to grow so much faster than usual for you to start enjoying your desired fingernail length. But you have no choice but to put up with your current nail length until such time that they are long enough for you to feel so confident.

Other than unintentionally making your finger nails really, really short, there are problems that can leave you wishing for your fingernails to grow in no time. Some of them include splitting and breakage, both of which can be due to having brittle nails. Pitting of the nails and the presence of white spots are good examples, too.

Fortunately, just like your hair, it is very much possible to kind of speed up the growth of your fingernails. All you have to do is see which of the following simple home remedies can give you the nail length of your dreams in no time:

Soaking in Citrus Juice

Your nails are made up of collagen, and there is a particular nutrient that can help in accelerating the synthesis of the said material: vitamin C. And when the best sources of vitamin C are the topics being talked about, it’s most likely for various citrus fruits to pop in everyone’s mind.

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Because citrus fruits are loaded with collagen production-boosting vitamin C, soaking your fingernails in their juice for 10 to 15 minutes can help in making your nails grow at a much faster rate. Some of the most accessible citrus juices for the job include those that come from oranges and lemons. Carry out this home remedy for longer nails once a day until the moment arrives that you are completely happy with the length of your nails.

Eating Foods Rich in Vitamin C

Other than soaking your fingernails in juices that are loaded with vitamin C, it’s a good idea for you to consume them on a regular basis, too! Aside from making the growth of your nails to speed up, doing this solution also helps lower your infection risk — vitamin C is a phenomenal strengthener of your immune system!

There is no need to limit yourself to citrus juices if you want to supply your body with impressive amounts of vitamin C for a hasty nail growth. You can also obtain the said nutrient from various tropical fruits like papayas, guavas and kiwis. Did you know that there are lots of vegetables that are good sources of vitamin C, too? Some wonderful examples include red bell peppers, broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts.

Massaging With Healthy Oils

Regularly, you may have your fingernails massaged with healthy oils. Doing this step helps supply your nail bed with all sorts of nutrients necessary for speeding up the growth of your nails. Also, the massaging action helps enhance circulation to the nails so that your nail beds get plenty of oxygen and toxins are constantly removed.

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One very healthy oil that you may massage on your nails once or twice a day is olive oil. Packed with antioxidants, this oil can give you the nail length of your wildest dreams in no time. You may also opt for coconut oil most especially if you have nail fungus because the said oil has superb antifungal properties. Other healthy oils that you may regularly massage on your finger nails include almond oil, avocado oil and jojoba oil.

Do you know some other home remedies for speeding up fingernail growth? If you do, kindly share in the comments section below the most effective ones that you have already tried!

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