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Beauty Trends That You Should Never Try If You Want to Look Beautiful Forever

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Just because a celebrity or your beauty-conscious friend is doing it doesn’t mean that it’s perfectly fine for you to follow suit. According to health experts, there are some beauty trends that should be off limits to anyone who doesn’t want to risk it. Below you will come across some of those that you should avoid at all costs.

Are there people you care about who are so obsessed with looking perfect that they are willing to try every single beauty trend that comes their way, including dangerous ones? Then make sure that you repost this article on your various social media sites to let them know which ones they need to dodge.

Using a Shot Glass for Plumper Lips

Apparently, there is a no-filler way to enjoy plumper lips, and it involves the use of a shot glass. All you have to do is generously apply lip balm, position the shot glass over your lips and suck for several seconds. If you suck too hard or for too long, however, you may end up with bruised rather than bee-stung lips.

Beauty experts say that this non-invasive method of enjoying plumper lips is dangerous. Yes, they confirm that it can actually cause bruising as the blood vessels in your lips may burst. But the nightmare does not end there — it’s possible for you to also end up with permanent tissue damage as well as loss of function or sensation around the mouth.

Putting on a Waist Trainer for a Smaller Waist

Currently, there is a slimming product that is popular among those who are looking for a quick way to attain a flatter midsection, and it’s a waist trainer. It is worn just like a corset, so you know it can be quite uncomfortable, and it’s supposed to be used for several hours a day in order to attain an hourglass figure.

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According to experts, this is actually a risky trend. Just imagine all of the vital organs situated in your belly area being squeezed together, deprived of much-needed oxygen. If you want a more flattering midsection, nothing can beat doing it the old fashioned way, which is exercising on a regular basis and switching to healthy eating.

Removing Moles With Herbs

Just because herbs are from nature doesn’t mean that using them is safer than undergoing the knife. Case in point: removing moles with the use of herbal extracts or preparations easily available on the internet. Many of those who have tried to remove their moles at home ended up with unsightly scars, oftentimes the permanent kinds.

Besides, leaving mole removal to the experts allows for the evaluation of unwanted moles — some of them could be cancerous. So if you notice the appearance of new a mole or changes in the shape, color, size and borders of an old one, then make sure that you allow your dermatologist to take a closer look at it.

Ordering Botox on the Web and Injecting It at Home

Currently, there are lots and lots of vendors on the internet that are carrying botox, which mainly appeals to those who like to get rid of fine lines without ending up broke. Unfortunately, experts in the world of cosmetic treatment say that this is a dangerous undertaking — it can put at risk not only your appearance, but also your health.

There is no guarantee that the botox product that you can easily purchase in cyberspace is actually botox or the kind that is used by dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. To be safe, any beauty treatment that involves needles should be left in the hands of the pros, and they’re definitely not meant to be carried out at home as a DIY project.

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