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The Benefits of a Cherry Diet

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Eating cherries might not help you lose weight, it is very effective in making you healthy and lively. Better sleep, considerably less headaches, slower aging, and lower chance of cancer are some of the benefits of eating cherries.

The Cherry Diet

Eat cherries or drink fresh cherry juice daily.

That is the only rule.

Results though may be different relative to the kind of cherry you consume. A good example would be choosing between sweet and tart cherries. Tart is better since it contains more antioxidants.

Also know that different forms of cherries have different antioxidant levels. Juice and dry forms of cherries are known to have the most antioxidants while canned and frozen forms have way lower levels.

Advantages cherries have for your health

Cherries contain a lot of nutrients that can be very good for you.

Melatonin in cherries helps you sleep more soundly. Melatonin is a hormone that helps you sleep. It is secreted from the pineal gland in your brain. Low melatonin levels can cause disruption of the circadian rhythm. This can be remedied by eating cherries. According to research, drinking cherry juice can help people suffering from insomnia.

Flavonoids, which are the antioxidants in cherries, can help you age slower. These antioxidants combat oxidative stress by getting rid of its byproducts. These flavonoids also lessen free radical activity and stop the bad effects of soaps, organic solvents and other cosmetics that cause wrinkling of the skin and early gaining.

You may often take over-the-counter medication at times to battle headaches. But did you know that over a period of time, they might lead to problems in your stomach. And studies show that cherries can be up to ten times more effective than aspirin, without the side effects, and without theburden your body doesn’t need.

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Cherries are also loaded with compounds that are anti-cancer. These compounds eliminate free radicals as it helps you prevent cancer. There are flavonoids in cherries called Ellagic acids and anthocyanins that help with this. Cherry flavonoids also inhibit histamine and leukotriene, both of which cause inflammation. Ellagic acids are anti-carcinogenic while anthocyanin aids in the production of good bacteria in the gut. This allows more short-chain fatty acids to thrive, which are known to provideprotection against cancer of the colon.

Research has shown lowered risk of cancer from refrigerated burgers that have cherries. Beef patties with over eleven percent cherries were found to have as high as seventy percent lower levels of potential cancerous compounds.


The cherry diet might be expensive and it might be difficult to follow through with it especially when there’s a shortage.

But if you can take cherry supplements or find juice concentrates in the place of consuming cherries and fresh tart cherry juice, you have it going for you.

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