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Take Away Sixty Percent of the Calories When Cooking Rice

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Rice is very popular all over the world. Many people love rice because it can be paired with lot of kinds of food. It is also very affordable. But it’s not the healthiest food available. It has a lot of starch and is associated with diabetes. A single cup has two hundred calories of starch. This becomes sugar, and ultimately, body fat.

But did you know you can cook rice and cut down its calories? Just follow the steps below.

1. Pour water into the cooking container and boil it.

2. Gather a small amount of coconut oil (around three percent of the rice you will be cooking).

3. Mix the coconut oil with the boiling water.

4. Start adding the rice into the cooking container.

5. Cook the rice well.

6. Allow the rice to cool in the refrigerator for twelve hours.

Now you have the rice, with sixty percent less calories. But how did that happen?

First, understand that not all starches are the same. The digestible kind can be digested faster. They can also be transformed to glucose faster, and lastly to glycogen. Too much glycogen contributes to us being fatter if it isn’t burned. Resistant starches however, are slower to digest, and don’t become glucose, or glycogen. Because our body can’t digest this kind of starch, it has lower calorie content.

Studies revealed that the type of starch can be changed if the cooking process is changed. Look at potatoes. When they are cooked, the starch in them become more unhealthy.

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Rice is not different. It goes through a number of changes chemically, give how it is prepared. Did you know that when it comes to starch kinds, fried rice has more resistant starch than steamed rice? If the digestible starch can be reduced, then so can the calories.

Coconut oil is a lipid. And when it is mixed into the rice preparation, the starch of the rice is very much improved. Coconut oil changes the type of starch while refrigeration helps convert it. This whole process makes the rice healthier, with a lot less calories.

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