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6 Simple Tips to Quit Mindless Eating

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Every single day, we make hundreds of food-related decisions. But did you know that you are aware of only a very small fraction of them? The rest of the decisions are made without you even knowing about it.

Those decisions you do not make but execute nonetheless are carried out by your subconscious mind, and it’s something that can cause what’s referred to as mindless eating.

Mindless eating can contribute to either eating more than necessary which can cause weight gain, or not eating enough which can easily lead to weight loss.

But for most people, mindless eating is a contributor to weight gain, and that’s why putting it under control can definitely help in getting rid of excess pounds or keeping unwanted ones at bay.

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If you are overweight, there is a possibility that one of its causes is mindless eating. Continue reading this article for you to know some helpful tips in putting an end to mindless eating.

1. Steer Clear of Large Plates

Large plates make it appear as though your food portions are small when in fact they’re just perfect for you. And because of such optical illusion, your mind orders your hands to put more and more food.

What you need to do is ditch those large plates and opt for smaller ones. It will also help if you switch to tall and narrow glasses to save yourself from drinking a lot of calorie-packed drinks.

2. Reduce Food Variety

According to scientists, having access to various foods with all sorts of flavors all at once can trigger overeating. That’s because introducing your taste buds to one flavor after the other can delay satiety.

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On the other hand, opting for foods with pretty much the same flavors is said to numb your sense of taste. What you need to do is limit your choices, such as ordering two types of appetizers and a single type of beverage only.

3. Increase Eating Inconvenience

No one likes to exert extra effort when eating — all we want is to have our senses pleased. This is why opting for foods or eating habits that bring some inconvenience to the table can spare you from mindless eating.

For instance, you may snack on seeds or nuts that you have to crack open each time. Or you can place that tub of popcorn about an arm’s length away from you than in your lap.

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4. Quit Watching TV

Is it your habit to eat while watching your favorite TV show? Then it’s not unlikely for you to overeat. And the longer the TV show, the more food you are likely to end up consuming, according to scientists.

When it’s mealtime, make sure that you are not in front of the TV or any electronic device that leaves you entertained. Any form of distraction can cause you to eat more or feel less satisfied, which can easily lead to snacking.

5. Eat Alone

Refrain from thinking that eating alone makes you a loser, most especially because it’s something that can keep mindless eating at bay, ultimately saving you from unnecessary weight gain.

Numerous studies have shown that eating with another person can actually make you eat more than necessary. Just imagine how much more food you end up consuming each time you dine with all of your family or friends!

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6. Forget Those Health Claims

These days, there are tons of healthy food options out there — low fat, zero fat, low calorie, gluten free, dairy free, etc. Unfortunately, they can leave you eating mindlessly.

Are you aware that many of them can easily do more harm than good? For instance, yogurt that’s low in fat but still has the same calories as regular yogurt may keep you from being satiated, so you end up eating more of it.

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