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Taking Care of Yourself After a Vaginal Delivery

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Did you just give birth vaginally 24 to 48 hours ago and now you just got back home from the hospital? Then this article is written especially for you. Below you will come across some of the most important matters about taking good care of yourself after a vaginal delivery.

Although it’s very much likely that your obstetrician or nurse has given you some pointers before you were discharged, all the joys, surprises and stresses of becoming a new mother can make you easily forget those.

Well, there’s no need to panic now that you’re back in the confines of your own home and the reality that there is no more nurse call button within your easy rich has just sunk in. The following are some of the things you should do for you to recover so much faster from giving birth vaginally:

Have Plenty of Rest

It’s for certain that you will feel extremely tired for the next few days after having vaginal delivery, and that’s why you have to make sure that you get plenty of rest. Unfortunately, this tip is often the hardest one to follow since you also have to take good care of your little one. Whenever there is an opportunity for you to rest, grab it!

Use Maxi Pads

For the last 9 months of your life, you were spared from your monthly period. But right after giving birth vaginally, you can expect for a lot of bleeding. It’s a good idea for you to use a couple of maxi pads that are placed side by side or overlapping from front to back for utmost coverage.

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Keep It Clean and Dry

Were you given an episiotomy, which is a surgical cut at the vagina’s opening to assist in vaginal childbirth? Make sure that you keep it clean and dry at all times for faster healing as well as to ward off an infection. If you were given special instructions by your healthcare provider on taking care of your episiotomy, follow them to the letter.

Take a Sitz Bath

Even if you were not given an episiotomy, it’s for certain that there will be lots and lots of swelling and tenderness down there. To attain much-needed relief, you may take a sitz bath every now and then. Just see to it that the water is not too hot as to add to your discomfort. After taking your sitz bath, dry the area thoroughly.

Count on an Ice Pack

Other than taking a sitz bath, you may also simply rely on an ice pack. No matter if you insert one in your panties or sit on it, you can enjoy immediate relief from both inflammation and pain. Just remember to avoid placing an ice pack between your legs for more than 15 minutes at a time. Also, never place ice cubes directly on your skin.

Get Your Bowels Moving

It’s not unlikely for you to steer clear of moving your bowels for the next few days after having a vaginal delivery. This, however, it a no-no as it may eventually leave you constipated. Drink plenty of fluids and consume high-fiber foods. Given a stool softener by your obstetrician? Take it to facilitate bowel movements.

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Wear a Smile

You may also experience changes in your mood because of a handful of things, including exhaustion, stress and hormonal imbalance. Engage in activities that can put a smile on your face, and being physically active and getting some sun can help. If you feel that you are suffering from postpartum depression, get in touch with a therapist.

Avoid Sex for a While

You may have to steer clear of having sex for the next 6 to 7 weeks after delivering your little one vaginally. Actually, you may not have the urge to have intercourse due to the discomfort down there and also lack of libido. Just in case you try having sex and experience dryness down there, use a vaginal lubricant.

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