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Thing to Make You Feel Good About Your Body

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Recent studies have shown that commercials, TV and magazines or anything that
advertises something affects our self-esteem. These form of advertising were designed to make us want something or make us feel bad for not having it. Now, with the rise of social media we are bombarded with post and pictures of unrealistic things and desires twenty four hours a day. Some use their social media to spread positivity and self-love through the community. Though, it has shown that our generation is experiencing a wide spread chronic low self-esteem. From any country to any gender.

The emphasis of things such as having a luxury car, big buttocks, clear skin, perfect abs and the best branded materials everywhere is affecting a lot of people. Especially those who suffer from chronic low self-esteem. Looking around you will understand the emphasis this brings to our society. You may not be directly affected by this, but there are days where you look in the mirror and wished to change something about yourself. May it be a slimmer waist or clearer skin.

In a world designed to make us wonder if what we have is enough. There are certain things that can help you feel good about yourself. Below are some facts that these commercials and post forget to tell you.

It’s Never As Good As It Seems

Models and actors don’t look like they do in the magazine or movies in real life and that’s okay. These people are human too. They eat, sleep and live in the same earth as you. They may seem unreal sometimes, but they were meant to look that way. Models are the personification of what perfect is supposed to look like, but this industry reports to have some of the greatest number of low self-esteem.These people are judge by the way they look all the time and it affects them too. So be kind. Photoshop,makeup, styling and editing can make them seem perfect. They have stretchmarks, fat and acne the same you do. This also goes to people who post perfect pictures online, these images are posed. They take the best picture, angle and lighting to help make themselves look this way. So, don’t ever feel bad because you don’t look like them. Because they don’t even look like them in real life.

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Gaining Weight Isn’t as Bad as you Think

Gaining weight isn’t the bad thing, the misconception that we let go of ourselves because we gained weight is. We’ve been obsessed about our weight for generations. This causes us to judge one another through our weight. The thing is, weight gain is normal. The reason why we losing weight is a lot harder when we get older is because of our body’s need. However, if the weight is causing your serious health risk; then that’s the time you can consider that you’ve let yourself go.

Flawlessly Perfect Skin is a Myth

Unless you have a team of dermatologist on your speed dial, your skin will not be perfect. There will be apimple, stretch mark, scar or something on your skin and that’s perfectly fine. Everyone does, some are just better at hiding them. That blackheads on your nose will never go away because they aren’t blackheads, they are sebaceous filaments that everybody has.

Little Pouch

There are a lot of exercises made to target that little pouch on the lower stomach. What magazines forget to tell you that every girl has these pouch for a reason. It protects our organs. You’ve seen a lot of pictures of people without this pouch, this is often caused by excessive exercise and muscle toning since this area is hard to remove. However, the concept of removing this pouch is not at all ideal to women. This pouch was created to protect the organs surrounding it. Don’t try to get rid of it because you think it doesn’t look good. This is normal anatomy and something that we should accept.

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Eating Unhealthy

Your body’s job is to protect you. It heals your wounds when you get a cut and increases white blood cells when you’re sick. The idea that something bad would happen just because you decided to eat unhealthy for the day is wrong. You can eat unhealthy for a weak and your body will still protect you. The body knows when something is out of the norm. So, eating sugary foods or fatty foods will send asignal to your body by increasing your metabolism or energy levels to compensate. Making unhealthy eating a habit is what damages your body and causes weight gain.

Flat Stomach

Our stomach was never meant to be flat because internal organs, unless you haven’t eaten yet it will appear bulky. This is why our stomach appears leaner in the morning and puffy at night. When we eat our stomachs expand. Whenever you see a celebrity look lean and flat in one picture and puffy on the other, it just means they ate something. It doesn’t mean they’re getting fat. So do you. Never measure yourself in the evening because you are at your heaviest, but the better idea is to never define yourself by numbers.

Loving yourself completely can be difficult, but it is worth it. There really isn’t a point for us to blame ourselves for not looking a certain way. We were created differently. We act, look and think differently. Always look at yourself in a positive light and do so on others. Judging others appearance won’t do you any good, finding the beauty in each will.

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