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Thin and Thick Hair

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A mixture of your father and your mother’s genetics are what gives you your hair type. You can either have baby fine hair to thick lion like mane. Each one has its pros and cons and each looks amazing. There are a few women that won the genetic lottery when it comes to hair. They are given the perfect amount, thickness and manageability. Yet, they still pick it apart. An advice wecan give to you is to love your hair no matter what.

The best way we can take care of our hair is to know what it needs and things we should avoid. We will focus on thin and thick hair. Let us discuss the pros and cons of each hair type and how we can properly manage them.

Thin Hair

Pro – You can blow dry your hair and be done in just a few minutes. You can even air dry your hair and still finish than you thick hair counterpart. This also applies to curling and straightening the hair. Since the strands are thin, the heat tool is able to do its job in a quarter of the time.

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Cons- You don’t get as much volume. Even if you blow dry your hair from the roots or use a roller, the thickness of your hair is not enough to give you that volume. You either need to use products or extensions to give you the volume you need. Most of the time thin hair tends to straighten out faster and would require a bit of product to make sure that the products last.

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Pro – Your hair is manageable, especially after a shower. You can easily style your hair without too much of a fuss

Cons – You have to shampoo more often since is more visible in thin hair. Most hair accessories such as clips and ponytails slide off. You can opt for a silicone free shampoo
that can help remove the grease form your hair for a longer period and give your hair strands more volume after blow drying. You can keep those accessories in place by spritzing in some hair spray on it. The hair spray will keep it and place, but won’t make your hair shiny.

Pro – Most haircuts fit your hair type and won’t make it look too over the top. From bob cuts to asymmetrical cuts. The only haircut to avoid is layered once since this can make the hair appear thinner.

Cons – Haircut mistakes are more noticeable, a little unbalance in the cut or a wrong section is easily noticed. So, picking the right stylist is important when getting your hair cut.

Pro- Combing your hair in just three strokes is enough. You have to use less products on your hair too.

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Cons- hair loss are more visible.

Thick Hair

Pro – Thick hair is great when it comes to creating looks. It has natural volume, causing you to save a lot of money on hair products and extensions.

Cons- Drying your hair will take forever, so will curling or straightening. Thick hair is also more prone to frizz. Blow drying your hair is going to take a long time. A great thing you can do it to towel dry your hair and try to reduce the heat from your blower to avoid making it puffy.

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Pro – You get your money’s worth when you get hair treatments in the salon. You get to use more shampoos, conditioner, water, hair color and treatment. Bold and beautiful haircuts are noticeable due to your thick hair.

Cons – That beautiful haircut won’t look as good as it did in the salon. Stylist often style the hair to help accentuate your look and at times disregard the hair texture. The hair may look silky and smooth in the chair, but as soon as you shower the coarseness of your hair will start to show.

Pro – Your hair looks amazing with movement. Flipping your hair looks like a commercial for shampoos. Adding different layers to your hair can give it more movement and drama.

Cons – Brushing your hair can be painful, time wise and literally. Coarse hair is more prone to tangling than its counterpart. You can reduce this by starting from the ends of your hair before brush from the root. Never start from the top, unless you plan to shed off your hair.

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As we grow older the density and texture of our hair changes. Hormones can affect the coarseness of our hair; this can occur during pregnancy, adolescents and to people with hormonal disorders. Gray hair tends to coarser than your regular hair, so more gray hair
you have the coarser it becomes. Years of using products and heat tools can cause your hair to be frail and thin.

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