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Top Unhealthy And Dangerous Fashion Trends That You Must Stop Immediately

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Trends come and go. And some should go for good never to be repeated or recycled as they place health in serious danger. Take for instance the tight pants syndrome wherein the lower extremities are put in extreme pressure that unwanted signs and symptoms occur. This condition can result in weakness in the lower limbs, weakness, and inability to walk for a period of time. Although skinny pants may look trendy and hip for men and women, the dangers of wearing them should be more than enough for you to get rid of them altogether.

Another fashion trend that is known to cause health problems is wearing high heels. High heels look extremely sexy and make women walk sexy too. However studies reveal that high heels can cause foot pain too. By rule, the higher the heel, the heavier the weight that is pushed forward onto the balls of the feet.

According to a 2014 study, high heels alter the natural positioning of the feet and ankle. The constant pressure on the feet triggers a chain reaction that can affect the spinal region too. Although it can be very difficult to stop the trend of wearing high heels, women are recommended to wear them less to prevent the risk of ankle injuries.

Corsets are a hot trend among women as it functions to reshape the curves of the midsection. Waist trainers are a fashion fad since the Kardashians claim to have helped them shrink their waists down to ideal dimensions. Unfortunately, no medical studies can back up this claim. Cinching the waist with ribbed corsets can be very painful and lead to breathing difficulties among women. Training the waist may also result in rib damage.

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Neck ties help in making men look dapper but did you know that securing the tie too tight can increase intracranial pressure resulting in increase blood pressure in the eyes? Based on several studies, ties are undeniably risk factors in the prevalence of health problems. When wearing ties, it is recommended to give the neck region some breathing room to prevent safety issues altogether.

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