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Signs That Your Kidneys May be Doomed to Fail

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If you think that your kidneys are for urine production only, think again. That pair of bean-shaped organs you have carry out plenty of tasks, all of which are very important. They include:

  • Regulating the levels of acid and certain minerals in the body
  • Maintaining normal blood pressure
  • Flushing out toxins and impurities in the bloodstream
  • Synthesis of vitamin D that’s necessary for strengthening the bones
  • Managing the production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells

Evidently, you cannot have a healthy body without your kidneys! Due to the many different roles that they need to play, it’s of utmost importance to keep your kidneys in an excellent shape. According to nephrologists, or doctors specializing in the kidneys, the following can help save your kidneys from trouble:

  • Drinking enough fluids on a daily basis
  • Having your regular dose of exercise
  • Inclusion of healthy foods in your everyday diet
  • Keeping sodium intake within the normal range
  • Managing levels of glucose in the blood if you are suffering from diabetes
  • Maintaining normal blood pressure if you have hypertension
  • Quitting cigarette smoking
  • Refraining from overdoing supplements, herbal remedies, and OTC and prescription drugs

If you don’t take your kidneys very seriously, all sorts of problems with it can strike, and many of them can lead to kidney failure. Just like what the name says, it keeps the kidneys from doing their tasks properly, and your overall health will definitely suffer. Here are some indicators that your kidneys may be failing:

  • Scanty urine. Drinking plenty of fluids but it seems like you’re peeing only very small amounts of them? It’s very much likely that your kidneys are unable to get rid of those fluids that need to be removed from the body. The little urine you pass may also appear dark or frothy.
  • Weight gain. Since the kidneys are no longer able to properly flush out excess fluids in the body, you tend to end up bloated. Certain parts of the body become swollen, like the face, abdomen and ankles.
  • Fatigue. Earlier, it was mentioned that the kidneys are role players in the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen. With not enough red blood cells, your muscles fail to get all the oxygen they require.
  • Anemia. Having insufficient red blood cells is a condition called anemia. It’s something that can cause a host of unfavorable symptoms, from tiredness, shortness of breath to dizziness.
  • Diminished cognitive functioning. Since toxins and impurities are accumulating within your body, the ability of your brain to work properly is considerably diminished.
  • Loss of appetite. It’s not just your brain that will suffer if your kidneys are no longer unable to detoxify your body, but also your digestive system which usually manifests itself in the form of decreased appetite.
  • Nausea. With all of those poisonous substances collecting in your body because of your malfunctioning kidneys, you will definitely feel nauseated as well as have the urge to vomit.
  • Skin itchiness. You may notice the formation of rashes that itch like crazy if your kidneys are no longer working optimally. Again, it is brought about by the accumulation of toxins and impurities in your body.
  • Increased blood pressure. The volume of your blood remains increased if your kidneys are unable to sweep out excess fluids in the body, and this can leave you with high blood pressure which is something that can increase your heart disease risk.
  • Heart palpitations. You may feel that your heart is racing or pounding if your kidneys are failing because of the fact that those bean-shaped organs are unable to eliminate excess potassium in the body.
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