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Water-Rich Foods You Should Be Eating Now

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Hydration is essential to our day-to-day lives as it not only keeps our energy levels up, but it also helps cleanse the body of any toxins that may be interfering with your immune system and other bodily functions. Most of us get our hydration from water, but there are other sources of your much-needed hydration which you can actually stock your fridge with. If you want to stay hydrated in a fun and engaging way, these water-rich foods should be in your diet starting today.


Ever had zucchini pasta instead of your regular carb-laden noodles? Aside from being rich in nutrients, zucchini is also packing plenty of water which can help keep your body well hydrated while keeping your cravings at bay. Talk about two benefits in one source!


This may be the last food that you’ll consider eating to raise your body’s water levels, but radishes are actually packing up to 95% water. They’re perfect for snacking, just like you would do with carrots, plus they can help reduce your body’s temperature too. This is due to the spiciness of the radish that helps alleviate the heat in your body. Radishes are also known to contain phosphorus, vitamin C, antioxidants, and zinc just to name a few.


Raspberries are perfect for snacking as they contain 87% water and clearly packing hosts of antioxidants as well as other vitamins and minerals that enhance immune system. You can add them in your yogurt, smoothies, or salads, this summer berry is going to help you stay hydrated and healthy too.

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Another water-rich food that you’re probably eating already is potatoes. Potatoes, or spuds, as we usually call them, is one of the best sources of water and potassium as well. Potassium plays an important role on our blood pressure that having baked potatoes is worth it. Take note, however, that there are certain types of potatoes that have higher water content such as the russets. It is best that you bake your potatoes with their skin on to retain most of its nutrients and water content.


With about 89% of water content, eggplants should have a place in your diet already because aside from helping you stay hydrated, you’ll also get a good serving of fiber, manganese, potassium, vitamin K, and other essential nutrients that will keep you in tip top shape. Avoid cooking eggplants in oils or deep frying them as all the nutritional content will disappear. You can toss them in your salad or make eggplant noodles if you like. There are other healthier ways to prepare this vegetable which can help get your water levels up.


Tomatoes are yet another water-rich food that you should make a habit of adding to your diet as it is packed with nutrients such as lycopene, vitamin C, carotenoids, as well as vitamin C. There is no messing with this fruit as tomatoes contain up to 95% water. You can grill some during your weekend BBQs or bake some with olive oil and potatoes if you like. Tomatoes are also great for salads as well.

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Iceberg lettuce

Although nutritionists will say that the iceberg lettuce is actually near the bottom of salad greens to use, it does make up for its water content which is at 96%. Low in calories, this lettuce is perfect for wraps, salads, and even smoothies too. And because it is rich in water content, you’ll stay hydrated the more you have some of this vegetable. How cool is that?

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