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New Method of Detecting Lung Cancer

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Lung Cancer is a prevalent disease these days. Whether one is a smoker, a miner, or an urban dweller, one is somehow always at a risk of developing lung cancer. Unfortunately in most cases, the discovery of such a disease may be all too late. Thankfully this trend is s now changing for the better.

A group of experts from London have managed to develop a test that can warn smokers when they are under great risk of developing lung cancer. All one needs to do is to provide a smear from their mouth or nose, and the cells from these smears will provide accurate diagnosis whether they are at risk or otherwise.

It was discovered that people who have the predisposition of developing cancer or already have are in early stages of lung cancer, feature smeared cells reacting that react differently under infrared light, other than that of a healthy individual. Lung cancer patients also have showcase abnormal cells in the mouth and in the nose.

“Our vision is that, in the future, all smokers go to their doctor or even in their nearest and have this test done. This test is an early screening for this horrible disease” said professor Sam Janes.

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