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How Acupuncture and Acupressure Work

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Usual Acupuncture Points

In fact, there are several needle therapy points that focus on the body, which are beyond any reasonable amount to name. The following are the three that are usually utilized by acupuncturists and pressure point massage experts:

Liver 3: The fragile tissue that sits between your enormous and second toes. Large Intestine 4: The delicate, meaty web between your index finger and thumb. Spleen 6: This is around three finger widths over your internal anklebone. It is a supple region of one’s lower calf force.

What Health Problems Benefit from Acupressure? Studies about the medical advantages of pressure point massage are still in its earliest stages. Numerous patient reports bolster its utilization for various wellbeing concerns. However, more composed exploration is required. A couple wellbeing issues that seem to enhance with pressure point massage are as follows:

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Notwithstanding calming sickness directly after chemotherapy, there are reports that pressure point massage additionally decreases anxiety, enhance vitality levels, assuage torment, and diminish different side effects of cancer or its medications.

Joint inflammation

A few studies propose that pressure point massage discharges endorphins and advances mitigating impacts, assisting with joint inflammation.


A few studies claim that the utilization of wrist pressure point massage is to avoid and treat sickness and retching:

After surgery

Amid spinal anesthesia

Past the chemotherapy

From movement ailment

Identified with pregnancy

The PC 6 pressure point massage peak is situated between the two vast tendons within the wrist that begin at the foundation of the palm. Special wristbands are sold over the counter. These press on comparable weight points and work for a few people.

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Melancholy and Tension

Numerous studies recommend that exhaustion and temperament may enhance from the utilization of pressure point massage. Better-planned trials should have been made certain.


Some preparatory proof recommends that pressure point massage may aid in lower back torment, postoperative agony, or migraine. Torment from different conditions may have advantage, too. To mitigate cerebral pain, the LI 4 weight point is in some cases attempted.

Safety Measures in Acupressure

When all is said and done, pressure point massage is exceptionally safe. In the event that you have joint inflammation, cancer, coronary illness, or an unending condition, make certain to talk with your specialist before attempting any treatment that includes moving muscles and joints, like pressure point massage. More so, ensure your pressure point massage expert is authorized.

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Profound tissue work, like pressure point massage should be stayed away from if any of the accompanying conditions apply:

You are pregnant.

The healing is in the range of a destructive tumor or if the malignancy has spread to bones.

You have a spinal damage, a bone ailment that could be aggravated by physical control, or rheumatoid joint inflammation.

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