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Get Better Sleep With This DIY 3-Ingredient Foot Spray

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When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep? And by good night, I mean a sweet and sound sleep – uninterrupted, deep, and invigorating. Not the one when you just fall on the bed because of exhaustion and wake up perhaps 10 hours later but still feeling tired.

We often hear ourselves say how busy we are. One reason why we’re not getting plenty and quality sleep is because of our demanding jobs. We seem to take pride in getting just a 4-hour sleep and still showing up at work or completely pulling out an all-nighter for a presentation. But you know that lack of sleep would soon take its toll on your health, right? Eventually, this would affect both your personal and professional life.

“Sleep is for the weak,”they say. But do you know that the most successful people like Bill Gates,Warren Buffet, and even Jennifer Lopez actually champion a good quality sleep? So better kickstart the habit of getting sufficient and quality sleep every night.

Another reason why we’re not prioritizing sleeping these days is because of the many distractions such as the Internet. How many times have you tried lying on your back, ready to sleep and then suddenly, you thought of checking something on the Internet, and you couldn’t sleep for the next 2 hours or so?

There are some tips and tricks to easily fall asleep. Some even go as far as using feng shui in designing their bedroom. But there’s an easier and definitely cheaper way to get into the habit of having quality sleep for at least 7 hours, and this is the use of essential oils or EOs.

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While you can take a chance on using the essential oils as is, a better recommendation is to make this amazing sleep foot spray that uses 3 important EOs as its ingredients, and these are: Chamomile, Lavender, and Magnesium.

Chamomile (10 drops of Chamomile EO)

If you’re a tea enthusiast or just a tea drinker, I bet you know that chamomile has a calming and soothing effect on our bodies. Because it is an herbs that allows you to relax, chamomile is very powerful in helping you sleep better.

There are different kinds of Chamomile. If you want it to be more soothing, try the Roman chamomile. If you’re suffering from any inflammation, the German chamomile is worth a try.

Lavender (10 drops of Lavender EO)

Lavender is not only great because of its lovely powdery scent. Itis also an herb with calming and relaxing properties. When it comes in the form of oil, it is a very potent sleep inducer. You can try using a couple of drops on your pillow, and you’re off to dreamland sooner than you think. However, since its potency can be very extreme, most people prefer it to be diluted. You may also want to take note that some kids can’t also handle how strong it is.

Magnesium (4 ounces Magnesium EO)

Some of you may not even be aware that Magnesium also comes in the form of EO. While magnesium isn’t technically an oil, it has the feel and properties of oil. Itis very good for you especially if you’re suffering from cramps, anxiety, digestion issues, and sleeping problems. When applied directly on skin, some people feel a tingling and stinging sensation, particularly those who are magnesium-deficient. Hence, putting it on your feet is a good idea, since the skin on your feet is tougher.

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Simply combine all the ingredients in at least a 4 ounce spray bottle. Tightly cover and shake gently to mix all the oils carefully. With this volume, you can use it for an average of 30 times.

So, why foot spray, you may ask. Have you ever heard about those detoxifying foot baths where you would literally see the toxins released from your feet? It sounds suspicious. Some would even say that your feet might just be really dirty. But it’s worth the try.

Nevertheless, a more concrete and reasonable explanation would be because your feet have the most number of pores and the biggest of them. Your feet would easily absorb the oils, and would take effect on your body faster. Your feet also connect and link to the rest of your body through the touch points.

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