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Health Benefits Fava Beans

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Fava beans are popular among people who undergo vegetarian or organic diets. This flavorful vegetable is filled with numerous nutrients and minerals essential to our health. You can consume fava beans without worrying about gaining weight. These beans do not contain any saturated fat, is high in protein and soluble fiber. This is a great delicacy to add to your everyday recipe. To convince you of the amazing benefit of fava beans, we’ve compiled its health benefits below.

Good for Cardiovascular Health

Soluble fiber is important to keep bad cholesterol levels low. Eating foods that are packed with soluble fiber can help improve blood sugar level and cholesterol level. A cup of fava beans contains 36 grams of heart healthy soluble fiber. These soluble fiber can help decrease the levels of bad cholesterol in the body and lower the low density lipoprotein. This will help protect and shield the heart for future cardiovascular problems.

Aids in Weight Loss

According to the European journal people that went on a high fiber and high protein diet have a better chance of weight loss than those who underwent low fat and high healthy carbohydrate diets. A cup of fava beans contains 40 grams of protein. This can help keep you feeling fuller, improve bowel movement and help with metabolism. People that consumed more fava beans experienced a dip in the bad cholesterol level and total fat loss.

Packed With Nutrients

Fava beans are packed full of nutrients and is one of the best ingredients for a healthy organic diet. These beans are filled with a variety of vitamins and minerals that can help with physical and mental health. Some of the nutrients in fava beans are potassium, vitamin B1, thiamin, copper, magnesium and phosphorous. A cup of fava beans contains ten percent to nineteen percent of the recommended daily allowance of nutrients. Vitamin B1 can help improve the function of the nervous system, while copper can help improve bone health, the immune system and flow in the bloodstream. Phosphorus and magnesium is important to maintain bone health, blood pressure levels and oxygen transportation.

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Good Source of Folate and Manganese

Foliate and manganese are an essential the metabolism of carbohydrate and protein. Folate is important to improve the immune system, synthesis the red blood cell flow and cardiovascular health. Folate and manganese are found in fava beans in high dosage.

Aids in Combating Depression

According to recent studies, fava bean is now an important part of your diet to help combat depression. These beans are packed with mood boosting amino acid dopamine. This chemical is important for reducing the symptoms of depression and improve overall mood. Adding more fava beans in your diet can help with mental health and reduce other mood altering conditions such as anxiety.

Helps In Avoiding Hungry Pangs

Fava beans are packed with stomach filling protein and fiber that can help reduce hunger pangs. Studies have proven that a diet filled with protein and fiber can help reduce weight and keep you fuller for a longer period. This delicious bean contains fewer calories and high nutrients. A half cup of boiled fava beans contains 95 calories. A great way to eat this flavorful and healthy food is to cook it with spices and mash it to use as a dip or spread. Use whole grain tortilla chips or whole wheat bread.

Helps In Maintaining the Balance of Fluids in Your Body

Since fava beans contain high amounts of potassium, you can use fava beans to help maintain or improve the pH level balance in your body. A moderate amount of potassium in the body is important for normal body function such as muscle function, rhythmic heartbeat and body cells. Make sure to consume more potassium in your diet if you start to experience itchy skin, problems with your heartbeat and muscle function problems. Though, it’s still best to go to your doctor for a regular checkup.

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Now that you know about the health benefits of fava beans share with us some of your recipes. How do you use fava beans in your diet? If you’re new to fava beans, this delicious vegetable is great for stews, salads and pasta. Keep your fava beans by freezing them in a zip lock bag!

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