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8 Aphrodisiacs You Should Try to Spark Romance

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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than to go on and try out these aphrodisiacs. Serve your sweetie these delicious aphrodisiacs and find out if they really work?


Considered to be the best-known aphrodisiac because of the zinc it contains that can increase testosterone resulting to a higher sex drive.


Chillies contain Capsaicin which is known to stimulate nerve endings and increases circulation to get blood pumping. This will make you more turned on.


Asparagus is known for its vaguely phallic shape that’s why its considered to be an aphrodisiac. But it also contains folic acid that helps you achieve optimal pleasure.


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Dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine, known to improve energy and mood. It was also known to cause a spike in dopamine, which is responsible for inducing feelings of pleasure.


Banana is considered to be an aphrodisiac not just because of its appearance but because it contains bromelain and are a natural energy producer.

Bromelain is an enzyme that triggers testosterone production while its Vitamin B and potassium content elevates energy levels.


Is considered to be a symbol of procreation. The word honeymoon got its name from “mead”, an alcoholic beverage serve to the bride and groom and is made of honey.

But honey is considered to be an aphrodisiac because of its boron content which helps in regulating testosterone and estrogen levels and provides a natural energy boost as well.


Ignore your fear of garlic breath and load up on garlic this Valentine’s Day. Garlic not only improves the circulation all over the body but it releases nitric oxide, which is a known arousal booster.

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Pine nuts are a good source of zinc which is related to a healthy libido.

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