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Science-Backed Tips on How to Become Happier

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We all wish we could be happy all the time, and although it sounds easy at first, being in this jolly state is harder than it sounds. After all, if we only knew what the secret to happiness is, the whole world will be a good place to stay in, don’t you think? But before you sink into despair of not being able to find what happiness is for you, there are actually science-backed tips that can help improve your overall feeling significantly. Are they worth a shot? Well, see for yourself.

Get more sleep

Sleep is an important part of our day and yet we are all guilty of not getting enough of it every day. We can blame it on our busy schedules, or hanging out with our friends, and such, but the point is, the more we skip on getting a good night’s sleep, the harder it is for us to be happy. This is due to the fact that our body hasn’t recovered fully which is why we become prone to fatigue and mood swings. If you want to feel happy, get some quality sleep as much as possible.

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Step outside

Most of us spend our days inside our homes or at the office that we barely have time to go out and enjoy the sun, the fresh air, and even the moon at night. We are so cooped up that we are missing out on the beauty of our surroundings that help us feel calm, relaxed, and at peace with the world. That said, getting some sunlight in the morning not only wakes your body up, but it also makes your body produce vitamin D too.

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Turn off your phone

Ever since smartphones became available, we have become obsessed with them to the point that we barely started our day and we’re already using it. Although technology has certainly helped our lives become more convenient, it has occupied most of our time nowadays. Unfortunately, this has become the source of unhappiness because we end up comparing our lives with others, needing attention, and even forgetting to interact with people in real life. If you wish to be happy, why not try and wean yourself from the habit of using your phone or tablet all the time? Put down your phone when you are out with family and friends, so that you’ll be present at the moment.

Exercise some more

We all view exercise as a way to tone and strengthen our muscles, but there more to working out than these two. Yes, sweating it out in the gym can help you achieve your desired weight and figure, but it also produces antibodies as well as endorphins that help us feel good physically and mentally too. Make it a point to add an exercise routine to your day and see how better you’ll feel afterwards.

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Spend your money not on things, but experiences

There are some people who believe that money can buy happiness, and they often indulge in material things. Although this does make them happy at the start, that feeling of euphoria eventually wanes until something new catches their eyes. That said, instead of putting your money on material things, why not spend on experience instead? One study shows that those who spend money on experience feel happier as opposed to those who buy material things instead.

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These are just a few examples on how we can become happy according to science. If you are looking to uplift your spirits, or want to be happier, try these tips out.

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