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Beauty Habits for Looking Younger

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We all wish to look younger and remain that way for the rest our lives. However, time does go very fast and in the blink of an eye we have had numerous birthdays. Though, getting older doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to look old. There are a lot of beauty habits and that you can do to help you look younger and shed off a few years from your appearance. We have compiled some of those habits below.

Fight of Wrinkles

Suddenly using anti-aging serums, creams and supplements all at once due to seeing a few fine lines isn’t the best options. It is still best to ease in this product on your skin to allow them to work better. Retinoid creams can help reduce wrinkles and can be a miracle potion for the skin. However, when just starting opt for low dose versions for a short term before going up on dosage. Apply it on the skin for 15 minutes and rinse.

Hand Care

The hands is the area of our body that shows aging the most. You really need to take care of the hand since the skin in this area tend to be a lot more sensitive and is heavily used from day to day activity. Make sure to use gloves when working with strong chemicals. Apply moisturizer a few times a day and even apply sunscreen on it every day. You can also apply some anti-aging cream you use on your face for your hands.


Having whiter teeth can actually help make you look a lot younger. White teeth are a sign of youth and health. Dentist advice you to avoid foods that stain the teeth such as red wine, coffee, soy sauce and so on. Go to your dentist regularly too. Teeth tend to be a lot more fragile when we age.

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Soft Lips

Having a soft and naturally pink lips can help shed off a year from your appearance. You need to take care of your lips by exfoliating regularly and avoid using harsh products such as medicated balms. This type of balms contains phenol that can relieve pain from dryness, but I can be incredibly harsh on the lips. Leaving it dry and can even darken them. Make a habit of applying lip balm at least 3 a day.

Keep the Hair Healthy

Make a habit of keeping your hair healthy with regular treatments. Hair can age us if they are dry and damage. IF you do plan to use heat on your hair, make sure to use a heat protecting sprays. Avoid combing wet hair and reduce the times you wash your hair in a week.

We can’t stop the clock from ticking, but we can shed a few years from our appearance without even going under the knife. All you need is patience and a few tweaks to your beauty routine. Try out some of these habits for a month and share with us any changes you experience. Do you have any beauty habits to looking younger that you’d like to share? Comment them down below.

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