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Why You Should Eat More Tropical Fruits

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Health experts recommend that we have more fruits on our plate to reap various vitamins and minerals that are essential to our health. And when local produce becomes scarce, turning to fruits harvested from tropical countries is worth considering as they offer plenty of health benefits for us.

If you are wondering what tropical fruits can give you, here are some reasons why you should add them to your diet.

Reduce inflammation. Eating pineapples can help reduce any inflammation in your body thanks to the presence of bromelain. This enzyme promotes better digestion when eaten along with a meal. Although you will need more bromelain in your system to get rid of inflammation, getting it from fresh sources like pineapple is a good start.

Boosts your mood. Did you know that eating tropical fruits like banana can actually lift your mood? You might think that this is strange but there are studies that show those who ate a banana along with their cereals or oatmeal in the morning feel considerably happier throughout the day. This effect can be traced to the high amounts of vitamin B6 which is responsible for regulating one’s moods.

Lowers bad cholesterol levels. Another tropical fruit that you should add to your list of fruits to eat is avocado. One reason for this is that avocados can reduce your cholesterol levels which in turn can lower your risk of suffering from heart-related issues like high blood pressure and heart attack. Eating avocados along with vegetables can also increase your absorption of nutrients that are needed by your body.

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Reduce risk of breast cancer. Adding papaya and mangoes in your salad is actually a good way to reduce your risk of breast cancer thanks to the carotenoids present in these fruits. The carotenoids can hinder estrogen signals which experts believe is the reason why the cancer-preventing abilities of tropical fruits are limited to women who are still having their menstruation.

Prevents dehydration. Most of us rely on water and other sports drinks to help rehydrate our body especially after sweating out after an intense workout but did you know that drinking coconut water can also hydrate you even better? What’s more, coconut water comes with plenty of health benefits that your body will thank you for.

Cares for your kidneys. Want another reason to eat more tropical fruits? How about caring for your kidneys? Studies have shown that eating bananas can actually help with your kidney function which reduces your risk of suffering from kidney related diseases. This is probably due to the phenolic compounds that allow the kidneys to function properly.

As you can see, eating tropical fruits can certainly help keep you in the peak of health as bananas, mangoes, papayas, and other fruits are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients that fight inflammation and other health problems easily. Regardless of whether you add them in your morning cereal, or snack on them in between meals, eating tropical fruits is always good for your health.

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