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Eye Enlarging Makeup

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There is something about big and beautiful eyes that captures peoples attention. It brings emphasize to your face without using bright and colorful makeup. F you have small set eyes do not worry, with a little bit of makeup and technique, you’ll get that sexy doe eye in no time!

Here are some eye enlarging makeup tricks:

It’s All About the Base:

Evening out your skin tone and removing dark spots and dark circles on your face can help enlarge your eyes. Pick a concealer that can cover up discoloration and darkness in the face, while helping highlight the entire eye area. Getting an even base can help accentuate the lashes and eye makeup for later on. Use a concealer with a peach undertone to cover darkness. Make sure that your face and your neck have an even base.

Prepping the eyelids:

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Don’t forget to apply eyelid primer. Without primer your eye makeup will fade easily and may create unwanted creases and cracking. A smooth eye makeup can help put emphasize on the eyes.

White Eye Shadow:

Add some highlights to your eyelids and make it look larger by applying white eyeshadow on the eyelid. You don’t have to place it all over the best place to place it is in the middle of the eyelid. You can use pencil or powder shadow, eyeshadow with shimmer is preferred.

Tear Drop:

Apply silver or white eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes to create dimension and give your eyes some pop. Using this can enlarge the eyes by giving the illusion of extended space between the eyes. You can use white/silver eyeliner or eyeshadow.

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Applying Eyeliner Around The Eyes:

Applying eyeliner around the eyes limit the space of your eye line. Avoid applying dark eyeliner around the eyes. Placing eyeliner around the eye help create a mysterious and sexy look for big and small eyes because it does make the eyes reduce in size. If you plan to add dark eyeliner in your under eye line place it under your waterline.

Eyebrows Should Be On Point:

Having a messy and bushy eyebrows can distract from big beautiful eyes. Always have clean and well maintained eyebrows. Pick an eyebrow shape that complements your face shape and adjust some space from your eyelids to your eyebrows. Creating more space helps enlarge the eyes.

White Eyeliner:

Apply white eyeliner around the waterline and even beyond it to create an illusion of bigger eyes. Use a soft white eyeliner that is close to the white of your eyes. You can place dark eyeliner under the white eyeliner to create fake eye lines. Hence the example below.

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Eye Enlarging Makeup

Long Beautiful Lashes:

Create long and beautiful lashes to increase the size of your eyes. Use thick amounts of mascara and add in some false eyelashes. Add another coating of mascara with the false eyelashes and curl them.

The Perfect Eyeliner:

Eyeliner that has bumps and uneven lines makes the eyes look messy and smaller. Create perfect and eye defining lines above your white eyeliner to increase your eye size.

 Add Some Shine:

Apply shimmer to your eyelids to enhance your eyes. Pick a shimmery ivory-pink eyeshadow for your eyelids to add dimension to your eyes.

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The Neutral Smokey Eye:

Apply the shimmery ivory-pink eyeshadow all over your eyelids and place the darker color on the outer corners of your eyelids to create highlights and contour for your eyes. This type of eye makeup is usually used to enlarge the eyes.

Enhance Your Crease:

Pick a taupe or dark brown to emphasize the crease. Draw a curve from your brow bone your inner eye crease. Blend it out and draw a thin line of gel liner or eyeliner and blend it. You can add a winged effect to your crease to emphasize your eyes.

Eye Enlarging Makeup

False Eyelashes:

Place some false eyelashes in your lower lash line to increase your eye size. Place the false lashes just below your eyeliner. This will create an illusion of brighter and bolder eyes.

Remove Puffiness:

Remove eye puffiness before applying makeup. The puffiness in your eyes and dark circles create a shadow that makes the eyes smaller.

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After trying these makeup tricks get used to people noticing your big beautiful eyes. Prevent using dark makeup all over your eyelids, this will make your eyes look smaller.

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