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Tips on How Co-Sleeping Can Be Beneficial to You

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There is still some debate on whether co-sleeping is good for you and your baby. It is understandable that you’ll feel hesitant at this point especially after reading several articles about how this practice is not ideal for parents and babies. But how come some countries co-sleeping is an allowable practice? Well, there are several benefits to be gained by this sleeping practice. Here are a few reasons why this is worth a shot.

It teaches babies to rouse themselves

It’s great that your newborn can fall and stay asleep, and this does sound appealing since parents need their sleep right? Well, this isn’t what babies should be at this stage. Sleeping close to their mothers actually makes them rouse because their instinct knows that they need to suckle and your breast is close by. This also teaches your baby to wake up when there is a change in their body temperature, when they’re having difficulty in breathing, and others.

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Babies sleep faster

Another advantage of co-sleeping is that babies tend to sleep faster when they are near you. This goes true when they wake up at night and needs to feed. You will find that your baby sleeps better when you are beside them which also means that you get to rest more too.

Less nighttime crying

It is also possible that there will be less nighttime crying when you co-sleep with your baby. One reason behind this is that you are more aware of the needs of your baby even before they start to cry. If you notice that there are signs of wanting to breastfeed, you’ll be able to attend to their needs immediately rather than having to wait for your little one to burst out in tears.

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Bond more. Another advantage to co-sleeping is that mothers tend to gain more bonding or intimacy with their little one when they are close together. This can help foster better relationship between them at such a young age.

Creates adequate supply of milk

What else can you get when you co-sleep with your baby? Well, it does help keep your milk supply steady that’s what. Keep in mind that your production of breast milk is based on the demands of your little one. If your baby is a frequent feeder then you will have a steady supply of breast milk that will keep your chlid satisfied. Another advantage to this is that there will be less pain in the breast in the morning because your baby is happily satisfied at night.

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Offers a safer environment for your child

Another benefit that you should consider at this point is that this sleeping practice actually creates a safer environment for your little one since there is less chance of your baby falling from the bed. This boosts their confidence and their trust in their parents that they are secured. You will find that your baby will be less fussy too because of this.

Parents get to enjoy a stronger relationship with their child

It’s not just the mothers who are benefitting from co-sleeping as fathers too get a taste of this intimacy. Having your baby sleep between you and your husband or partner can foster a healthy relationship among you three. 

Of course, you still need to weigh the cons of co-sleeping because there are disadvantages to it too such as higher chance of suffocation especially when there are blankets and extra pillows, getting squashed when you fall into a deep sleep and accidentally lied down on your baby, plus it might cause your baby to become dependent on you which can be unhealthy in the long run.

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