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Is There a Connection Between Large Pores and Acne?

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Most people who are suffering from acne also usually complain about having large pores. Similarly, those who have large pores say that they are prone to having acne. Is there really a link between large pores and acne? If you are a beauty-conscious individual, keep on reading to know the answer to that question.

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Why the Pores Get Big

According to skin specialists, the size of your pores is determined by the size of your sebaceous glands, which are tiny structures in the skin that produce sebum or skin oil. Sebum produced by your sebaceous glands is actually beneficial because it protects your skin from the elements.

Having large sebaceous glands means more sebum is produced, and such can be a problem. Experts say that the size of your sebaceous gland is usually determined by the hormones, in particular estrogen. This only means that the more estrogen you have, the larger the sebaceous glands are.

So to sum up, your pores tend to be big if you have large sebaceous glands.

Big Pores Can Cause Acne

Having big pores can make a person susceptible to having acne because clogging and bacterial infection can become very common issues.

Definitely, it can be very easy for dirt, grime and dead skin cells to collect in the pores. The presence of excess oils also adds to the problem as it can invite microbial activity. Skin care experts say that some cases of acne are due to bacterial infections.

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Especially if acne runs in the family, it’s not unlikely for you to suffer from severe acne if you have big pores.

It doesn’t mean, however, that you will certainly have acne if your pores are big. It all depends on how good you are at keeping your face clean in order to fend off acne from striking. Definitely, heredity is also a role player, which means that you may find it easier to steer clear of the cosmetic problem is acne is rare in the family.

Having Clean Pores Matters

If you have big pores and you want to considerably minimize your risk of having acne, skin care specialists say that you should do your best to keep the pores clean. Unfortunately, such can be a real challenge as their size can make it very easy for dirt, grime, dead skin cells and excess sebum to accumulate in them.

Whether or not you have big pores, it’s important to keep the pores clog-free in a gentle fashion. Otherwise, irritation may strike which is something that can cause acne to come into being.

The use of a mild pore-clarifying facial wash and gentle exfoliation once or twice a week can help in keeping those big pores clog-free.

It’s Possible to Shrink Big Pores

The use of commercially available products as well as all-natural solutions like witch hazel and rose water with astringent properties can help in making those big pores shrink. That’s because they are capable of causing skin tissue to contract, thus shrinking the pores.

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Experts suggest the use of topically-used products called retinoids, which are chemicals that are derived from vitamin A. There are OTC and prescription-strength retinoids available currently. While generally safe, retinoids can cause allergic reactions in some people. It’s for this reason why the use of these pore-shrinking products should be done under the supervision of your dermatologist.

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