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Recommended Pre- and Post- Workout Foods

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Exercise is a must if you want to say goodbye to those loose fats that are clinging to your body. But did you know that you can actually perform better when you workout if you fuel your body properly? Before you embark on your fitness regimen, it pays to know which pre- and post-workout foods you should prepare to get the best results.

  • Whole wheat toast with cinnamon and sliced banana. For your pre-workout feast, eating whole wheat toast with banana and cinnamon. To increase your energy level, you will need to have a good combination of simple and complex carbs so that your energy will be released slowly to sustain you throughout your fitness session. The best thing about whole wheat toast is that it is quite easy to prepare and can be digested fairly quickly. You can increase your potassium level too by adding banana slices to your toast. Add a dash of cinnamon to your toast to improve brain function and regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Green tea. Here is another pre-workout food that you can prepare before you hit the gym. The caffeine in green tea can protect you against headaches especially when you will be doing lower body workouts or heavy lifting. Coffee may have caffeine but opt for the healthy one instead since green tea has antioxidants that can combat free radicals from damaging your cells.
  • Grilled chicken and mixed vegetables. After huffing and puffing in the gym, you will need to help your muscles recover from your gruelling workout. This means that you will need to look for a nutrient-dense dish to feed your hungry stomach. Slice some chicken breasts for your lean protein and carbohydrate needs so you can fill your tummy without bloating up. Add some olive oil to your veggies to help keep your heart running properly.
  • Peanut butter. Since your energy levels will be depleted after working out, you need to look for a good source of protein to give you the boost you need. If you are looking for a quick fix, you can eat some peanuts or spread peanut butter on toast. If no toast is available, crackers will do.
  • Greek yogurt and trail mix. Are you planning on going on a long run? Better eat some yogurt first. Yogurt is not that heavy on your stomach so you can eat it and be out of the door in no time. Of course, if you want to give your pre-workout treat more bang, add some trail mix that is mostly composed of dried fruits and nuts. Dried fruits contain healthy sugars that will give you your energy boost so that your insulin level will remain steady throughout your run.
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These are just a few suggested pre- and post-workout treats that you should try when working out. They have carbohdyrates, protein, and other essential nutrients that will help boost your energy levels while at the same time, keep your muscles in the best condition.

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