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Deep Conditioning Hacks to Try

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Our hair may become starved for moisture from time to time, what with the constant exposure to environmental factors, styling tools, and even the hair products that we use. Add to this the fact that winter has come, then your hair will be robbed further of moisture. The problem is that without proper moisture, your hair will feel brittle and prone to breakage too. This is where deep conditioning comes in.

Deep conditioning, as the name suggests, conditions both your hair and your scalp to help prevent dryness, flaking, and brittleness too. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have, deep conditioning should always be part of your hair care routine. If you want to get the most out of your deep conditioning routine, here are a few hacks to try.

Don’t apply when hair is too wet

Deep conditioning when your hair is completely wet is not really a good idea as the conditioner ends up falling down your hair. If this is your first time to use one, it should be applied to towel dried hair for it to adhere to your hair and scalp.

Try boosting naturally

If you have a deep conditioner on hand, but would like to enhance its effects, you might want to consider adding natural ingredients such as coconut oil or raw honey even. These ingredients allow the conditioner to penetrate your scalp better where it can do a lot of good. Just make sure that you rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly afterwards to remove excess materials.

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DIY your hair conditioner

You don’t really need all that fancy deep conditioning products being sold today, because you can make your own using natural ingredients such as coconut oil or olive oil. Coconut oil is actually good for your hair and scalp because of the caprylic acid present in it that helps nourish your hair and scalp from within. And it because it is in oil form, it can easily penetrate your scalp with a little bit of massage. Don’t forget to wash your hair thoroughly afterwards.

Pay attention to the ends

When conditioning your hair, concentrate on the ends of the hair which usually requires more moisture. The roots, or the ones growing from your scalp, are actually healthy and will not need much help as of the moment.

Let it sit overnight

For those whose hair have been heavily damaged by constant use of styling tools, hair dyes, and the like, don’t be afraid to wear your deep conditioner overnight. Remember that your hair needs all the help that it can get to go back to its natural softness and shine. Once you have applied the deep conditioner, cover your hair with a plastic cap before going to sleep to prevent staining your pillow, then wash your hair thoroughly in the morning. You’ll find that your hair looks better this way too.

Use a store bag

When deep conditioning your hair, wearing a plastic cap allows heat to generate to help with the absorption of the conditioner in your hair and scalp. But if you don’t have one, don’t be embarrassed to wrap a store bag around your head. It still gets the job done, you know?

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Deep conditioning your hair from time to time can help revive your hair significantly. Remember that there are other ways in which you can boost the effects of your deep conditioner such as the ones mentioned above.

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