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The Do’s and Don’ts of Getting Rid of Chapped Lips

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Chapped lips affect us from time to time and not just in the summer when we are constantly exposed to the salt water from the sea, wind, and sun. Even when the temperature drops, it can still affect the skin on our lips and the rest of our body too. Most of us use lip balms to soothe chapped lips and even apply different serums too but there are other methods for you to try such as learning what to do and what not to do when your lips are cracked because of dryness. Here are some to get you started.


Choose lip balm with SPF

Like it was mentioned before, chapped lips can be due to our constant exposure to the elements like sun and wind. This is why it is important that you give your  lips some form of protection so that the moisture will stay locked in your skin to prevent dryness. In this case, look for a lip balm that has SPF. Go for those that has titanium or zinc in it as they are natural ingredients.

Almond oil helps

If you don’t have any lip balm on hand, you can always use almond oil to help relieve dryness or chapping. Almond oil is high in vitamins A and E which not only get rid of free radicals that are damaging your skin cells but are also capable of giving your lips their much needed moisture.

Exfoliate with sugar

Another way for you to deal with chapped lips is to exfoliate your lips from time to time. Although there are several lip scrubs out there, it is better that you go the natural route which is mixing sugar with some honey then rubbing it on your lips gently. The sugar granules can gently remove dead skin while honey acts as a humectant which can help seal in the moisture in your lips.

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Rub aloe vera

You can also try to remedy your chapped lips with some aloe vera gel. This ingredient contains antioxidants that can speed up the healing process and provide adequate moisture to your lips too.

Drink plenty of water

Since chapped lips is caused by lack of moisture, make it a point to get more water in your body. Try to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily or more if you are an active person. You can also jazz up your drink with some fruit if you want with the exception of citrus fruits because they can dry your lips further.


Lick your lips

It is quite tempting to lick your lips when you feel that they are chapped or dry. Unfortunately, this habit of yours is just going to make your lips dry faster since saliva is used by our body to digest food. Try and keep yourself from licking your lips as much as possible.

Eat salty and spicy snacks or food

Another don’t when it comes to chapped lips is eating foods that are salty or spicy. They can actually dry your lips fairly quickly.

Pick your lips

When your lips are dry, the skin becomes flaky which can cause you to pick at them. Peeling the skin off your lips can actually cause bleeding which, in turn, can increase your risk of infection. As much as possible, stop yourself from removing the dry skin from your lips as the open sores are unsightly to look at.

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Use old lip products

A lot of us are guilty of this practice, keeping old lip products on hand. Unfortunately, using them on our lips can cause irritation which can lead to chapped lips. Keep in mind that these products have a shelf life and one that you should follow at all times.

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