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Weird Beauty Trends Around the World

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The beauty industry is one of the fastest changing and strangest business in the world. It can become increasingly weird through the years, especially ones that seek viral attention. Most of these weird beauty trends originate from creative minds such as fashion designers, trendsetters and beauty innovators. Most weird beauty trends do not catch on and are often remembered as a fad. These beauty trends are considered weird due to its lack of appeal to the general public or what you have to go through to get the look/ trend. Some of these are weird beauty procedures that manage to convince a few people that they can achieve beauty with them. Some can be innovative ideas and some may be just completely stupid. Check out some of the weirdest beauty trends around the world.

Candle Therapy

This is a beauty trend from Brazil that was a bit shocking to most. We are all careful when it comes to heating tolls because we want to avoid getting out hair cooked. So, seeing a trend where you use direct flame on the hair was unsettling. However, this is one of the biggest trend in Brazil right now. They believe that this process is great for the hair. This is basically removing your split ends by cauterizing it. You can twist a section of your locks and wave a candle under it. You’ll notice that some of the sections that are sticking it will tend to burn off. This is said to reduce breakage and split ends. After this treatment, the hair stylist will cut the hair.

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Heart Shaped Bangs

This is a cute South Korean beauty trend that requires you to style your hair in a heart shape. A lot of celebrities tried this look with their bangs and some with all their hair. This is a really adorable trend that you can easily do to show off on your social media account. To get this look, you can either use a curling iron or flat iron. You can use styling gel or Hairspray to keep it in place. Start by curling your hair inward and shape your bangs into an upside down heart shape. You can even do this while you are lying down and ask a friend to style your hair for you. There really is no purpose for this trend, it’s just an adorable way to style your bangs.

White Henna

Henna has always been a great beauty trend, not only is it beautiful to look at – it can also protect your skin. In the United Arab Emirates a new trend in Henna is taking over. White henna is basically the same as regular ones, but instead of using traditional black henna, it uses a white version. This creates a prettier design and looks a lot better when fading. We’ve been seeing this trend migrate to other countries.

Scalp Botox

This is a beauty trend that started in the UK and have not really caught on in other countries. But, there are numerous people that are trying this trend out and swearing by its efficiency. We’ve been using Botox on our face to reduce wrinkles. What a lot of people don’t know is that you can also use Botox to reduce sweating. Some people would get their armpits Botox to cure excessive perspiration. A lot of women made use of this knowledge and asked to get their scalp Botox to prevent sweating and ruining their hairdo. It became a big hit, but is not publicly advertised. Though, most beauty clinics offer this treatment.

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Hangover Makeup

When you imagine being hungover, the first images you think about our people slumped down in front of the toilet or someone passed out in inconvenient places. However, in Japan the idea of a hangover is a little bit different. Women have started to use the Hangover makeup look. This is a look that consist of puffy looking eyes, red cheeks and smudge eye makeup. This look is said to give a person a youthful appearance. You can get this look by smudging your eyeliner to create the slept in look, add a reddish eyeshadow on the lower lash line to create puffiness and apple pinkish or red blush in the middle of the cheeks. You can also try drinking tonight and see if you get the look tomorrow.

There is a lot of weird lines people are willing to cross for the sake of beauty. Thanks to social media these beauty trends are able to spread around the world. We get to understand the standard of beauty in other countries and how they believe they can achieve it. These trends can be either extraordinarily smart or bizarre. Some can be shocking and puzzling to you, but understanding the origin or the country where these beauty trends come from, you may get the gist why it became trendy. You can be adventurous and try them out for yourself. So, what do you think is the weirdest beauty trends? Do you think any of these will catch on to western shores? Share your opinion here.

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