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What are Cellulites and How You Can Treat Them

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Cellulites—the name itself sounds sinister; something like a big medical condition to be wary of. But what exactly are cellulites?

Cellulite is nothing more but fat deposits beneath the skin. The appearance of such doesn’t even discriminate in age. It can show up on teens and even with younger ones. So if you thought that only old people can fall prey to cellulite, then you’re awfully wrong.

The popular notion of having cellulite due to some trapped toxins in the body or poor circulation is false.  Because despite of what you might have heard about it, cellulite is simply the fats in the skin. And though cellulite is not harmful, a lot of people of would like to get rid of them anyways for aesthetic reasons.

Cellulites and its Causes

If you have cellulites, it does not mean that you are overweight.  Cellulite doesn’t pertain to weight in particular since people who are thin may also get them.  However if you are overweight and has cellulite, shedding weight can help reduce its appearance.

Cellulites are more common with women than men, and their appearance may somehow have to do with the following:

  • Slow metabolism
  • Adhering to fad diets
  • Hormonal changes
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Dehydration
  • Total body fat
  • Color and thickness of the skin

Treatments for Cellulites

A lot of products in the market nowadays promise to get rid of all those unsightly cellulites, especially the ones on your thighs and buttocks. However, there are really not much concrete evidences being shown that those treatments may last for long. If you’re curious about what’s being offered as treatment options, here are some examples:

  1. Cellulite creams.
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These are being touted to dissolve you skin fats which will give your skin a smoother appearance. A lot of cellulite creams contain the compound aminophylline which is prescription drug used to treat bouts of asthma. Very little evidences are being offered as to the effectivity of these creams and for some it might even pose some health risks.  Manufacturers say that the role of aminophylline in treating cellulites is to narrow the blood vessels in order to force the water out of the skin—something that can be dangerous especially to those who have problems with circulation.  Aminophylline can also trigger an allergic reaction to some individuals.

2. Liposuction.

This is a procedure which involves the siphoning of the fats off the body—something that needs a surgical intervention.  It is pricey plus the fact the liposuction will remove deep deated fats, not the ones under the skin which are the causes of cellulites. The American Academy of Dermatologists even warns the public in the use of liposuction for getting rid of cellulites as doing so may only worsen its appearance by creating more dimples and depressions in the skin post-procedure.

3. Mesotherapy

This is a treatment used to alleviate skin inflammation. It involves the injection of certain compounds like amino acids and other vitamins and minerals underneath the skin to treat the condition. It is said the mesotherapy can break down the skin fats which can produce a slight improvement in the appearance of cellulites. However, like any other kinds of treatments out there, it also carries its own health risks like infection, swelling and development of irregular contours.

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4. Laser treatment

Laser is said to be able to break down the fat deposits underneath the skin and stimulate the production of collagen—a compound that naturally enhances the skin’s elasticity which can then help get rid of cellulite presence.

5. Massage and other spa treatments.

These are great and super soothing to have but only has temporary effects in terms of winning the battle against cellulites. These treatments do not remove cellulites but can improve their appearance temporarily, probably due to the extraction of excess fluid in the fat cells under the skin.

Although such procedures may not hold a lasting effect on cellulite treatments, it is what is right now. Still the best bet for you is to try some regular exercises, and if need be, to lose excess weight. Experts recommend a combo of aerobic and strength exercises partnered with a diet rich win veggies, fiber and fruits.

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