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Shocking Causes of UTIs

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Wiping front to back, drinking enough water, peeing when you need to go, avoiding sugary foods and drinks — do you strictly abide by these and yet you still have frequent bouts of a urinary tract infection or UTI? Maybe you are overlooking some of the sneakiest, most shocking causes of UTIs!

Check out which of the following you are guilty of and you can be sure that it’s the culprit:

You Sit for Hours on End

Everyone knows that sitting for hours is bad for the figure and overall health. Did you know that, according to experts, having a sedentary lifestyle can also increase your risk of having a UTI? So if you want to steer clear of that burning sensation when peeing, opt for a more active lifestyle.

You Have Diabetes

Sadly, having diabetes can make you more susceptible to ending up with a UTI than those who don’t have the disease. It’s because the increased levels of sugar in the blood serves as a playground to UTI-causing bacteria. Consider managing your sugar levels effectively to reduce your chance of having a UTI.

You Take Antihistamines

Do you have a cold or an allergy and you pop antihistamines in your mouth to control the signs and symptoms? Well, don’t be surprised if a UTI shows up. According to experts, antihistamines can make you pee less, and everyone knows that failure to urinate more often can increase one’s UTI risk.

You Wear Sexy Undies

It’s no secret that putting on sexy underwear can make you look and feel attractive. However, some of the sexiest undies on the planet are out of synthetic fabrics and most of them are designed to fit tightly. Due to these things, putting on sexy underwear all the time is like enticing a UTI to come into your life.

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You Love Taking Bubble Baths

Nothing can make you feel more relaxed at the end of a really tiring day than having a luxurious bubble bath. But are you aware that this stress-buster can actually increase your risk of having a UTI? If you are prone to having bouts of UTI’s, consider taking showers rather than bubble baths.

You Have Lots of Sex

Experts say that the more frequently you have sex, the higher your risk of ending up with a UTI. This is true whether you engage in unprotected sex or ask your partner to use a condom that is not properly lubricated. The use of a diaphragm to ward off pregnancy is also known as a sneaky cause of a UTI.

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