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Unusual Beauty Tips that Actually Work

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Women just can’t help but look for beauty tips that will help them retain their smooth and young looking skin free from blemishes. Most make do with the same old tricks when it comes to their beauty regimen but there are more beauty hacks that are worth trying out too. The following tips may sound unusual to you but they do work. If you are wondering what other beauty secrets you should know about, check these tips out.

Sand and water. If you are out on a summer adventure and you’re heading to the beach, make an instant body scrub with sand and water. This scrub will help exfoliate your skin while you’re enjoying nature so you can get rid of those dead skin cells and other impurities to reveal healthier looking skin underneath.

Mayonnaise. Deep conditioning your hair is important to bring back moisture to your hair strands but if you are stuck at home, you can always use the mayonnaise in your fridge. Apply a cup of mayonnaise onto your hair and leave it on for 20 minutes. To activate the nutrients in the mayonnaise even more, you can blow dry your hair. Don’t forget to rinse the mayonnaise off afterwards.

Strawberry. Did you know that you can actually whiten your teeth with the help of strawberries? Get one strawberry and rub it on your teeth. You can also mash some strawberries to create a paste then use your toothbrush to brush the mixture on your teeth. Rinse afterwards to remove excess acids to avoid damaging your teeth. You should also do this at least once a week to see some improvement on the color of your teeth.

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Vaseline. If the skin on your feet tends to break whenever you’re wearing new shoes, applying some Vaseline on affected areas can reduce friction. This will help save you from wounds on your heels and toes or any other areas of your feet that often peels when breaking in new footwear.

Baby powder. Dry shampoo is a convenient way of washing your hair minus the use of water and regular shampoo but if you don’t have one on hand, you can use baby powder or talc as an alternative. Use a big makeup brush to distribute the powder on your hair evenly then brush your hair afterwards using your own hair brush. This will leave your hair looking newly washed.

Cotton ball. We can’t help apply glitter nail polish on our nails to make them sparkle but we often regret it afterwards because it can be quite difficult to remove. One way to remove it fast is by soaking cotton balls in nail polish remover and then wrap your nails in tin foil afterwards. Leave the cotton balls on for five minutes then remove afterwards. You’ll find that it is easier to remove glitter nail polish with this trick.

Lemon. Here’s another beauty hack that will help keep your nails strong and healthy. Cut a lemon in half then juice it. Soak your nails in the juice for 10 minutes so that the liquid will have enough time to be absorbed. Repeat this once every week if you like to prevent nail breakage.

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Olive oil. If you have run out of makeup remover, don’t worry. You can use the olive oil in the pantry to remove makeup. Olive oil is light on the skin and has hydrating properties which is also good for your skin.

These beauty tips may sound ridiculous at first but you are sure to be surprised on how effective they are.

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