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Situations Only Early Sleepers Will Understand

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For some people getting an early nights rest is part of their daily routine, and failure to sleep at the normal sleeping hours that they would normally find themselves asleep, would feel like someone put them in hell. It can sometimes make you cranky or worse emotionally unstable, hard to talk to, and moody. To an early sleeper, sleeping early is their time to reflect and think about the things that they would need to do the following day. It is like going to a quiet reserve, the idea of new sheets, a warm bed and cozy pajamas is your idea of heaven and any disturbance of your early sleeping schedule will often lead to world war 5 in the morning.

Here are some situations that only early sleepers will understand:

You have mastered the art of French exit

This is surprisingly hilarious if you are not used to this kind of awkward goodbye. People tend to go towards French exits because they are too afraid to get drunk or pummeled into staying longer. They would much rather leave and not say goodbye than get harassed by friends into staying for a last glass of wine or champagne. Though proven to be effective, this will naturally be a cause for people to lock their gates or doors in case you show up and try to make a run for it again.

You are just one of those people who have to go to work early in the morning

You have successfully made all the excuses in the world to escape from going out and staying up late due to work schedules and other errands that you would “possibly” need to finish in the morning. Let’s face it only 1 or 2% of this is true most of the time.

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New Year’s Eve is your worst nightmare

The only night of the year that you have to stay late and socialize with friends. I’d say make a run for it after the clock strikes 12.

You never get to finish a movie

This can be a real struggle, though you may have the good intentions of staying up late to finish your favorite movie, you never get through half way because your body automatically shuts down at the strike of 9 or 10, and the funny thing about it is in the morning, you will program yourself to resume watching it again when you get home but end up with the same shut down as you did the previous night. It’s hysterical!

Your friends may or may not understand your tendency to sleep early

Though this can be annoying to some of your friends, sleeping early comes as a priority for you. They can choose or not choose to understand how your body works.

You are always the first person to say yes to an early dinner

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for you. 5pm is usually your idea of early, and the second someone throws this offer your way you’re automatically the first person to say yes. Who can say no to some “after hour” drinks with the ladies, this should be fun, as long as it ends at 7pm.

You love going on lunch dates

Though most people will find the idea of going out in the middle of the afternoon a bit too early, you are always the first person to suggest going out to lunch even if it is in the middle of a working day. Going home late or going out after work just destroys the idea of relaxing early, so most likely chances of you going out in the evening with a friend or a potential love partner, just doesn’t become an option.

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