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Common Bra Mistakes

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People tend to have a special relationship with their boob. May you be a girl or a guy. An A cup or a DDD cup. It’s a very bittersweet relationship. One day you just want to shower them with some of the best bras in the market and some days you just hate them that you just tuck them away any way possible. Some days your boobs can be uncooperative with your outfit and some days, it’s just be so on point that you want to wear that tiny wrap dress out for no reason. Though, we do have to appreciate the magic a good bra can give even in out bad days.

Our boobs can be a hassle sometimes, from it pops out when you dancing or being a huge pain when jogging. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry, a good pair of bra can fix all those dilemmas. Though, a lot of us don’t really know how to pick the right bra. Which ones are the right size, fit or using it for the right purpose. We’ve lived with our boobs all our life, but were just introduced to bras when we were young. There really wasn’t a proper course that told us on what to do and not do when it comes to bras. Well, now we will give you a quick run through about common bra mistakes and how you can fix them.

Straps that Break

If your bra straps tend to break or slip off a lot, then this can be a huge indication that you are tightening your straps too much. Tightening your straps are great for perking up the girls, but if it starts to create deep indentations in your shoulders or causing pain; you’re doing it wrong. When your strap breaks when you’re outside, try to tie them discretely or just one strap for both sides and use it over your neck. Pick a bra that has lifting abilities that won’t cut off the blood circulation in your shoulders. If you want to use an old bra, just saw it in the back to make it into a razor back. This will tighten the straps without adding too much pressure. If you don’t want to sew them together use a paper clip instead.

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Straps that Slips Off

We all know this problem. Whether you have big boobs or small ones. Bra straps tend to slip off, and it is a huge pain when we want to wear something sleeveless. There are three possibilities to these problems, your straps are either too loose, too tight or worn out. Obviously you can tighten your straps to prevent it from slipping and loosen it when it’s too tight. However, worn out straps can be just right and still slip off. This is due to the elasticity of the strap. It tends to weaken over time and excessive washing. A simple solution to this is replacing it with a new strap. If you have small breasts, the straps tend to fall off a lot more. You can pick out strapless bras that are created to give optimum support or opt for halter type straps to keep it from falling off and still look amazing in a tube top.

Chafing and Sweating

Don’t you hate that feeling when you’re under boob sweats like a waterfall underneath your clothes in the summer? It’s a very common problem, especially for big breasted women. It’s close to impossible not to sweat during hot seasons, unless you stay cool indoors all day. This sweating can lead to chafing. Chafing if left as is, can lead to skin irritation and at times scarring or darkening. The underwire from your bra can also worsen the chafing. The best thick you can do is to make sure to dry these areas as much as possible and wear breathable fabrics such as cotton or lace. You can also apply a good amount of anti-perspirant in this area the night before to reduce sweating.

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When your bra shows too much nipple or give that stuffed filling appearance, it means you are wearing the wrong size. You don’t have to adjust yourself too much if you are wearing the right size. Unless the design of the bra was specifically made this way. If you are asking why there are some bras that shows too much. These bras were designed for specific types of clothing such as corset types or V cuts and not for everyday use. Don’t buy by using your cup size, but with how it feels and looks on you. You may technically have the right bra size, but is completely wrong when worn. It’s still best to buy bras in the store, you can try them on. Not all shops have the same size. There really isn’t much you can do with spillage, but arrange yourself every time or use a secure type to prevent your ladies from popping out.

Now that you know some of these common bra mistakes, you can prevent them from happening to you. It’s really important to invest and pick out the best bra for you. Before going out to buy a new pair of bras, try to get yourself properly fitted to get the right cup and size for you. Getting fitted is important, especially if you are done with puberty, just gave birth, gained weight and lost weight. Your bra size would surely change. What is your worst bra nightmare and what did you do to fix them?

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