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Controlling Your Menstrual Cycle

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Most women experience different symptoms before and after their menstruation cycle. Some experience bloating, cravings, cramps and so on. However, studies have proven that the hormone fluctuation that occur during our menstruation can affect us all month long. This is hard to control, if you have no idea how. There are simple things we can do to control our cycle and reduce the symptoms we encounter every month. Let’s start with the first day of your menstrual cycle.

The First till The Thirteen

During these first few days after your period, your cholesterol will start to spike. The total cholesterol level can rise to about 20% during the first week and a half of your menstrual cycle. This data was acquired by consistently checking up subject during this period for about a few months. IT showed the consistent rise of cholesterol during this period. This is the time of the month that you might feel lethargic and prone to injury. The study suggests that the change in hormone alters muscle control during this period, making people more prone to joint injuries. This is the period where you should reduce the amount of exercise you do. Especially jumping exercises, heavy lifting and high intensity exercises. Avoid foods that can further increase your cholesterol too. Start your cycle with eating light and high fiber foods.

The Fourteenth till The Fifteen

This is the time of menstrual cycle where we tend to lose a lot of our mental focus and concentration. This is due to the high level of estrogen in our body. This is the time where ovulation starts and where most of the premenstrual symptoms appear. We tend to become more forgetful and tend to lose concentration with things we are doing. We lose our keys more often, lose focus in class and have lapses in our memory. Another important symptom of ovulation during this period that your partner will be happy about is the increase in libido. Yes, this is the time where women are most fertile and have increased sensitivity during sex. During this time be careful try to eat more foods and supplements that can help with your concentration. Also avoid not using contraceptives if you don’t plan to have a child any time soon.

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The Sixteenth till The Twenty-Eight

This is the worst time of our menstrual cycle. This is the time where most of our symptoms intensify, especially for people that already struggle with it. Depression, asthma, migraines, muscle pains and so on; are intensified during this unpleasant period. This is also the time where our gums become sensitive and are prone to inflammation. This is due to the increase of progesterone in the body. This is what causes the increase of discomfort. This is the time where you should prepare your medication. This period is the worst. Not only will you experience more discomfort, you will also increase cravings. This is due to the sudden dip in your estrogen levels. This chemical is the one that increases our mood. The dip in levels can cause worst depression and anxiety symptoms. The need to consume fat, starch and sugar also increases. You should be ready during this period. Avoid sugary foods in your pantry and stock up on healthy food. If you really want to treat yourself, opt for dark chocolate. Avoid fatty foods, this can further plummet your estrogen level, worsening the symptoms. Try to keep up with your medication during this period. It’s important not to miss them to prevent sudden changes in the estrogen levels.

The Next Few Days

The next few days after your period is the time where your body starts to heal, but is still undergoing a lot of changes. You will start to notice an increase of energy or the lack of. This mostly depends on your body chemistry. This will be the time where you will have less cravings. Some women may experience muscle pain during this period. It’s best not to take a lot of medication during this period, such as pain killers.

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Our menstrual cycle can be incredibly irritating. It comes once a month, but affects us all the time. The symptoms above may be different for each woman, particularly women that use contraceptives, have hormonal problems and take certain medication. Use this as a guide and see if you experience these symptoms during these days. At least now, you’ll be ready for your period and not have to wonder why you are becoming too moody or irritable or hungry.

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