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Day Time Makeup Blunders

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Amongst all the types of makeup look one of the hardest to pull off is that perfect daytime look. Prim and proper enough to look professional and simple enough that it doesn’t look like you just wore your makeup from last night. We all have to admit, getting that just right makeup is hard. We tend to get carried away when we try to put our makeup. One blush turns into a winged eyeliner, and in no time you’re already wearing false eyelashes and a fully contoured face. Don’t get this wrong, you can wear a full face of make-up. Complete with false eyelashes, contact lenses and strobing, and still look perfect for daytime. All you need to know is how to balance it properly. Finding a middle ground to your no make-up to night makeup is the key to daytime or professional makeup. This seems simple, but is a lot trickier than you think.

Day make-up should be able to brighten your face, that won’t take too much of your time when getting ready. If you feel that you’re doing something wrong with your makeup, but can’t really pinpoint what it is. Read on below, you might be making one or more of these common days time makeup blunders.

Too Much Eyeliner

Eyeliners are fantastic. A simple subtle line in your upper eyelids can open up your eyes and make it appear more awake and bright. Its one of those make ups that we really can’t stop getting our hands on. We tend to like putting on eyeliner so much that we tend to put in too much. You may be putting it on and had some jagged edges that you tried to line it again that you end up with really thick eyeliner. This may come off too harsh and is better for evenings or dates. You can prevent this by using pencil eyeliner on your water line. You can apply it on your upper eyelid and a little in your outer corner to create more definition. If you really want that winged tip eyeliner, try to skip any dark eye shadow and eyebrows. This will still give you a soft and professional look.

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Dark Eyeshadow

There is a wrong way and right way to use dark eyeshadow when it comes to day makeup. Dark eye shadows that are perfect for day are ones that are in the natural pallets. Dark browns, taupe and so on. These colors should only be combined with light and neutral tones. Peaches, pearls, golds and such are a good combination of dark and light eyeshadow for day makeup. Anything that is too bright such as greens, blues and gray combined with dark color is way too much and is more suited for smoky eyes. You can easily turn this day make up by simply adding o black or gray eyeshadow.

Dark Lipstick

Talk about statement pieces. Dark lipsticks are great eye catcher and is incredibly in fashion this season. However, using this shade for an interview or to church is way too much. Combining this with other statement pieces such as dark eyebrows, winged eye liners and bronzers scream fashion makeup. If you plan to wear dark lipstick for daytime stick within the range of wine, cherry and blood red. When using these colors to avoid wearing blush on and other bright and dark color. Stick with neutrals to keep the look crisp and professional.

Too Much Contour

Contouring and highlighting should be subtle and only be there to have a light definition to your face. If you wear contour that is too dark that a visible streak of dark is seen from a mile away; this is a big red flag. Try to keep your contouring subtle and blend it as much as possible to your skin that it just appears as natural shadow. Strong lines and contour are made for pictures. Not for daytime makeup.

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Eyelashes for Days

If your eyelashes are too heavy that it’s making you feel sleepy, don’t use it. Not only is this look incredibly hard to pull off during daytime, it can also inhibit you from doing your day to day activities. It can make you sleepy and prevent you from seeing properly. Opt for natural looking false eyelashes or thickening mascaras.

Have you been making any of these common daytime makeup blunders? Share with is your worst day time makeup experience and your personal tricks to getting that polished daytime look.

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