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What Happens When You Lose Weight?

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There is so much more to losing weight than just being able to wear your favorite shorts. Losing weight can greatly affect your body from the inside and out. You’ll be needing to stock up on some much needed anti-aging creams for your skin, have a better sex life and experience some side effects that may come as surprising. Whether you have just lost 20 to 150 pounds, your body will still experience a sudden shift.

When we go on a diet or an exercise regimen, our bodies change. When we lose weight the body also adapts to the change. Losing weight is one of the most difficult things to accomplish in this day, but there is something you need to know more than just shedding off the pounds. You need to understand what is going on inside of your body and how it is affecting your day to day activities. Below are things are happens to your body when you start to lose weight.

Cortisol Levels

People tend to focus on the physical effects of weight loss, such as a smaller waist or thinner legs, but they tend to overlook what happens inside the body when it starts to shed some pounds. Doctors would usually recommend losing weight to help reduce stress, however, research has shown that some people experience increased cortisol or stress hormones in the body after weight loss. This hormone can affect your who bodies function, from your hormones to your habits. This can tricky, people that can undergo
this often experience fluctuating weight after shedding off the pounds. Some proven ways to counter this is to have protein, vegetable and a low sugar diet. Relaxing workouts such
as meditation and yoga can also lower cortisol levels.

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Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

For anybody that has experienced going to through the process of dieting and exercise, you will experience an increase need to sleep. This is due to your body’s exhausted state and it is also your body’s way to adapt to its less caloric intake. This is important, though,
even after losing a lot of weight. This can help your body repair itself after rigorous activities and diet. Though, you should never overdo it. Our body requires 8 hours of sleep getting an hour or two is okay for a few days, but doing it every day can signify something else.


After losing a lot of weight, most people would note their ability to stay under low temperature. This is completely normal in the beginning of your weight loss. This is often due to the fluctuations of your hormones. The hormones created by your thyroid can help control our body’s ability to create body heat. When we lose weight this hormone tends to decrease, causing us to feelcolder. With proper diet and exercise, though, this hormone level can go back to normal in no time.

Better Sex Life

Sex is basically a form of exercise, but people who have lost a significant amount of weight would swear by the difference after weight loss. They have noted that they were able to try different positions without causing any harm or pain on their partner. Since they also have better endurance, they were also able to last a lot longer. The muscle down there are also toned with proper exercise, this can greatly affect your sex life in a positive way.

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This is a common problem when it comes to weight loss. You may lose 10 or 100 pounds, either way your skin will be affected. Some people lose incredible amounts of elasticity
in their skin after losing weight that it would require surgery. However, exercise can help tone your body and improve your skin elasticity. Though, your skin will be more prone to wrinkles and fine lines than others due to your excess skin. After weight loss, it is important to add anti-aging creams on your skin care routine to prevent premature aging.

Losing weight can affect our body in different ways, it can be good or bad. Though, the benefits of losing weight in a healthy and maintainable way overpowers the bad.We have to remember that everything we do will affect our body in some way. Losing a lot a weight can also help improve our endurance, change your shoe size and be more conscious of what you consume.

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