Nail Polish Woes and How to Fix Them Fast

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Nail polish is part and parcel of every woman’s get up. Regardless of whether you are a frequent user or you apply color on your nails or not, mishaps can occur especially when you apply nail polish on your own. Most would go to the nail salon to have their nails done but if you don’t have the luxury or time to go and have your nails professionally done, you can still do your nails right by learning how to fix common nail polish problems on your own.

If you tend to do your nails on your own, you’ve probably experienced smudges, chipped nails, and the like. Here are some suggested fixes to reveal beautifully polished nails.

  1. Polish on your cuticles. If you don’t have a steady hand, chances are there will be some polish on your cuticles. The best way to remove this is to use a polish remover pen. However, if you don’t have one yet, you can always dip a cotton swab in a bottle of nail polish and carefully remove the excess polish on your cuticles or on your nails.
  1. Chipped nail. Chipped nail polish is probably the most common problem that happens with our nails but the good news is that you can fix this quite easily. Start by soaking a Q-tip in polish remover then rub on the damaged area evenly. This will prevent any bumps when you re-apply your nail polish. Just make sure that you don’t put too much polish on the area as it may cause unevenness in your nail.
  1. Glitter nail polish. We just can’t help but add a bit of sparkle to our nails and although they look good when we apply them, the removing part ends up with us feeling frustrated. The best way to remove your glitter nail polish is by using tin foil. Start by cutting a cotton ball into two then soak them in nail polish remover. Place the cotton balls on your nails then cover them in small tin foils. Leave the cotton balls for 5 minutes then remove afterwards. You will find that your glitter nail polish will be removed easily.
  1. Smudged nails. Smudges cannot be avoided if your hands are not steady but you can use your finger to scrape off excess nail polish. Just dip your finger in nail polish remover then remove the offending smudge. Allow it to dry first before adding a dab of nail polish. After the nail polish has dried, add another coat of polish to complete the look.
  1. Nail polish that doesn’t dry. If you are in a rush but your newly applied nail polish isn’t drying as fast as you want, dip your nails in cold water for three seconds or more. The freezing temperature will speed up the hardening process so your nail polish won’t smudge at all.
  1. Bubbles in nail polish. Most of us make the mistake of shaking the bottle of nail polish to minimize the appearance of bubbles. Unfortunately, this only makes more bubbles inside the bottle. A better alternative to this is to roll the bottle between your palms. You can also place the bottle of polish inside the fridge 15 minutes before you apply on your nails.

Applying nail polish on your nails certainly gives your hands a more interesting look but if you are faced with the problems mentioned above, don’t you worry. After all, there are plenty of quick fixes that you can apply to correct the mistakes that you made with your nail polish.

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