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Top 10 Reasons Why You Start Pilates Today

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Pilates have become such a phenomenon that not only celebrities and athletes use them but people who want to lose weight as well. The majority of individuals that have signed up for Pilates programs and have done it correctly have testified about the weight loss benefits of doing it on a regular basis. It’s undeniably one of the most efficient and powerful fitness programs for weight loss.

Improved Circulation

One thing that Pilates do is to improve the blood circulation of the user, which in turn increases the heart rate upon use. When there is increased heart rate and circulation, the vibration plates imitate that of other cardiovascular exercises that help in losing weight.

Increased Metabolism

When you begin following the Pilates the program, you will notice that your rate of metabolism increases while muscles are being built. Increased metabolism is a natural occurrence when a person is involved in regular physical activities, which is also a catalyst for weight loss. Pilates programs, combined with a healthy diet, becomes a much more effective weight loss regimen than regular exercises and sports activities.

Fat Burning

Another benefit of using a Pilates machine is the advantage of burning fat simultaneously alongside muscle development. Although muscles weigh a bit heavier than fat, good results can be seen with regular Pilates workouts, which will develop lean mass over time. The amount of fat reduced from Pilates literally outweigh the weight gained through development of lean muscle mass.

Further Strengthen the Core with Pilates

Regular Pilates offers increased strength and enhanced core density. By implementing some poses and light exercises on the machine, athletes and fitness buff can improve their core stability without breaking a sweat. For instance, mock golf swings can be done on a Pilates machine, thus allowing golfers to improve their play during actual games on the green. Swings cause stress on the core during games, which the machine can build on while using it. With a stronger core from using a Pilates machine, the risk of pain and injury are significantly reduced altogether.

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Muscle Toning

Through vibration, muscles in the body are contracted and relaxed by doing certain poses and exercises on the platform which increases tone. Think of it this way, when a person exercises a body part through weight lifting, the intensity and contractions are only limited to a certain point. However, with the use of a Pilates machine, the rate of stress on the muscle is increased rapidly through repeated vibrations. With regular use, fitness will be achieved as the body is toned rapidly.

Quick and Fast Road to Fitness

With regular exercise in a gym, it usually takes about an hour to two in order to finish a routine program. This can be considered tiring for some and can become a roadblock in the road towards fitness. By following a strict Pilates program, the time it takes to work out parts of the user’s body is cut by a large percentage. This makes it more appealing for people that want to be physically fit but do not have the time to spare or are discouraged easily by long and tiring workout routines.

Intense Workout Every Time

When a person works out in a gym using a machine that targets a specific body part, it is only stretched and stresses up to a certain point and nothing more. To achieve results that are significant, a lot of repetitions and sets need to be done before they deliver a considerable amount of stress on the muscle. Pilates, through the use of repetition, give an accelerated amount of intensity in contracting the muscles that take lesser time to complete than any regular exercise.

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Slim Down and Tone Up without Leaving Home

One advantage on the use of a Pilates machine over other exercise equipment is its ability to give total workouts at home without cluttering up the place with multiple exercise machines and benches. Though a Pilates machine by itself is cumbersome, having lots of equipment inside the home can make for a very crowded area even more than the machine. With that, the Pilates machine can deliver results by targeting multiple areas of the body that can develop and tone muscle much more than other ordinary exercise equipment.

Inexpensive Way to Lose Weight

Though Pilates classes and a Pilates machine can be quite costly, it is nothing compared to the accumulated cost of other exercise equipment if you were to buy some for home use.
Doing Pilates with the use of a Pilates machine is like having an all-around machine for toning and fitness. By having only a 20-minute session per day, results are more visible than doing two-hour workouts in a gym with multiple exercise equipment that are difficult to use and can cause injury.

Enhance Self-Confidence

Once your body is well-toned with the ideal fat content of below 12%, you will feel more at ease with how your physical appearance. With regular Pilates classes, notice how your confidence will increase at the same time. Although some people are comfortable with their bodies, being physically fit makes you feel more attractive while you garner a lot of praises which raises your level of self-worth.

Although becoming fit and well-toned is somewhat of a fad than a personal choice these days, a lot still have not found out the benefits of Pilates. Overall, a person who is physically fit as a result of a healthy diet and regular Pilates classes will enjoy improved quality of life stemming from all the benefits of healthy living.

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Like most exercise fads and phenomena, Pilates will only work if you are dedicated to do it regularly. Weight loss will definitely be achieved if paired with programs for weight loss and a healthy diet. In a short period of time, the Pilates users will observe that a significant amount of weight has been reduced by following instructions carefully. Being overweight is a health risk and can lead to multiple coronary diseases, but with Pilates, you may now look forward to experiencing life to the to the fullest with a lean body and optimum health to boot.

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